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Mix Mix 2 will get iPhone X like display gestures with the MIUI 9 global beta update

Xiaomi will roll out the MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM 7.12.28 update this week. The company has announced that it will add new display gestures support similar to Apple iPhone X and some bug fixes to its full-screen display phones. Currently, the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 is the only phone available globally which will get gestures support.

Xiaomi has been announcing the latest Global beta MIUI 9 update for its phones since last two months. The beta update brings new gestures in the MIUI 9 Global ROM 7.12.28. The update will be adding new Gestures support including the iPhone X like swipe up to go home feature to its Mi Mix 2 smartphone with the update.

Display Gestures on Mi Mix 2

Xiaomi will add three new gestures to its full display smartphones. The first gesture is ‘Swipe from bottom to top’ to go to home screen. The second one is ‘Swipe from bottom to top and then stop for a second,’ and the third one is ‘Swipe from left or right to the middle.’

The first gesture Swipe from bottom to top takes you to the home screen. The second one from bottom to top and then stop for a second will takes you to the recent apps. Lastly, the third one again takes you to the home screen. These are the same gestures we have seen on the iPhone X.

Bug Fixes

Additionally, Xiaomi will also fix some bugs in the MIUI 9 Global Beta ROM 7.12.28. The bug fixes include some critical ones such as app vault getting force closed, dual app WhatsApp fixes and top sites setting getting restored automatically in Mi Browser.

Xiaomi users who are already on the MIUI 9 Beta will receive the latest 7.12.28 version via an OTA update. If you’re not on the MIUI 9 Beta, you can flash it manually. As per the official MIUI forum page, the update will bring the gestures support to only Mi Mix 2. However, the features might also come to the recently launched Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus smartphones which are also full-screen display phones.


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