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Honor 7X Camera Review: Best dual camera smartphone in the budget segment?

Dual cameras have been one of the top new trends on smartphones over the last year. If we look two years back, dual cameras were usually seen only on high-end smartphones. Until 2016 it was the norm, but then Huawei’s smartphone brand Honor introduced its first affordable featuring a dual camera setup in the form of the Honor 6X. Now, the company has launched a worthy successor to that, dubbed as the Honor 7X.

The Honor 7X comes with several improvements over its predecessor and the most noticeable is its 5.93-inch 18:9 aspect ratio Full View display. Other features include the higher screen resolution and a faster processor. This is an Amazon exclusive phone and you can buy the Honor 7X for Rs. 12,999 from

Apart from these interesting improvements and additions, the dual camera feature is what people want to know about. Honor has made improvements in its camera setup too and it is a little similar which they have used in another mid-ranger Honor 9i.

Honor 7X Camera Specifications

Honor 7x Camera Specifications
Rear Camera Dual-lens 16MP + 2MP
Pixel Size for Primary Sensor 1.25μm
Front Camera 8MP
Video Recording (Rear Camera) [email protected]
Video Recording (Front Camera) [email protected]


Without any further ado, here’s a detailed look at the Honor 7X’s camera performance in real world.

Honor 7X Camera UI

If you have used an Honor device before, you will know the camera UI of Honor’s EMUI is quite simple. When you open the camera app, you can swipe left to access the main camera settings. If you swipe right from the main camera menu, you will get to the camera modes menu. This menu gives you access to the Pro mode as well which gives you full control over the camera settings.

The same menu also gives the options to select a bunch of other shooting modes as well. The different camera modes include HDR, Night Shot, Panorama, Light Painting, Time Lapse, Slow Motion, Filters, and Effects. The portrait mode, moving picture mode, and the wide aperture mode can be accessed from the main screen itself.

Honor 7X Main Camera

Honor 7X

The Honor 7X has a higher resolution primary camera and an improved image processing algorithm compared to its predecessor. While the Honor 6X featured a 12MP primary camera, the Honor 7X comes with a 16MP camera. It is coupled with a 2MP secondary camera, which works as a depth sensor. This 2MP secondary sensor helps the phone capture enough depth details so that the camera software can create images with background blur in the portrait and wide aperture modes.

We have been testing the Honor 7X under different lighting conditions and here are the results.


In daylight conditions, the rear camera performs really well. Focusing is fast and both standard and portrait images came with a good bokeh effect or depth of field. The pictures looked vibrant and also offered a good level of sharpness as well.

Daylight sample

However, sometimes when you zoom into some of these images, they reveal that only the edges are sharpened. Overall, the textures are good but there is a loss of good detailing. But then again, this will only be visible only when you are zooming into your pictures otherwise the pictures are pretty good.

Portrait Mode

One of the highlights of many phones with dual cameras is the ability to capture images a bokeh effect, making the subject stand out. The Honor 7X can sometimes be slightly inaccurate when it comes to Portrait Mode, with the edging issue persisting at times and the camera struggling to blur the background precisely. Portrait mode images were decent only in the daylight, with the quality dropping a bit in indoor lighting.

Portrait Mode

Low Light photography

In low-light conditions, the Honor 7X did not perform too well, with the rear camera facing difficulty in focusing on subjects. Moreover, the pictures were a little grainy and noisy, a problem that was visible even in artificial lighting.

Low Light sample

Main Camera Samples

Honor 7X Front Camera

Honor 7X

The Honor 7X features an 8MP front camera which also supports Portrait mode despite not featuring a secondary sensor to capture depth details. To overcome this, Honor uses software and surprisingly decent in good lighting conditions. However, in low light, the results are below average even after using the selfie flash.

The front camera also supports gesture control for capturing selfies. For example, when you turn these gestures on, all you need to do to turn your palm towards the camera and the phone will click a selfie.

Overall, the front camera is good enough for your day to day usage and you can get good pictures for most usecases.

Front Camera Samples


The Honor 7X offers a lot of features for a phone with such a competitive price. The 18:9 display, an updated processor and the dual cameras make it one of the best phones in the budget segment. The camera performance especially in daylight does stand out and makes it a better choice over its competitors. If you are planning to buy a phone under 15K with a good camera, the Honor 7X is a good deal.

Buy the Honor 7X on at Rs. 12,999.


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