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Google adds a dedicated GIF button in its Gboard app for iOS

Google has rolled out an update to its Gboard app for iOS which brings the Gif-Making button to the main screen right next to the word suggestion bar. Though this feature was available earlier, it was hidden behind the emoji button. Now, with this update, accessing the GIF button has become more convenient.

According to a report on The Verge, Google has moved the GIF-maker button from the bottom to the top next to the word suggestion bar. The placement of the button not only makes it convenient but also accessible to make and send the GIF files. The button allows creating either a ‘Loop’ which is small 3-second Boomerang like clip or ‘Fast-Forward’ one or two-second clips. Here is how to send the GIFs without any hassle using Gboard.

How to send GIFs using Gboard

With its placement, the GIF-making button allows users to record clips from both, front and back cameras.

  • To begin, download the latest Gboard form the app store.
  • Now, open your chat app and start typing with Gboard.
  • Next to the word suggestion bar, you will see a new button which is GIF maker.
Source: The Verge

After you tap this button, it lets you record in two modes- “Loop,” which is a Boomerang you can record for three seconds, and the second mode is “Fast-Forward,” which lets you record up to one-minute clip and speeds up the result. When you’re done recording, you can copy and paste the GIF into your chat box, and send it to your friends.

It is to be noted that making small video clips isn’t a new feature and there are many third-party apps that can do it easily. Interestingly, Google has its own Motion Stills app that makes it possible. However, bringing the Gif-making button to the keyboard screen is the easiest way to create funny GIFs for your friends.

As of now, the GIF button is just available to Gboard on iOS. However, we can expect it to roll out for Android very soon. Also, the feature is not immediately available on iOS and it is visible only after reinstalling the Gboard app. Google hasn’t officially announced the feature and its app store page also does not mention it.

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