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Google launches Audiobooks for iOS, Android, and Home speakers

Google has officially launched Audiobooks on Play Store. The audiobooks are now available for Android, iOS, and Home speakers. The audiobooks now join the list of movies, music, TV, and eBooks offerings from Google. The Audiobooks also gets support from Google Assistant.

The Google Audiobooks don’t need any subscription and can be purchased directly from the Play Books app or Google Play Store. Google is also offering a free preview of the book and you can also share the audiobooks with family members through the Library without any additional fee even if they use it on a different device.

Listen without a subscription

You can buy a single audiobook at an affordable price via Google Play Store and you don’t need a subscription for this. You can also get a preview of the book to make sure you enjoy listening to the voice. Moreover, you can share your favorite audiobook with everyone in the family through Family Library for no additional fee.

Google Assistant support

Playbooks also supports Google Assistant, so, you will be able to use the command “Ok Google, read my book” to listen to the book hands-free on Android phones and Home Speakers. It can also respond to queries like “Who is the author” or “Ok Google, stop playing in 20 minutes.” The Google Assistant support with audiobooks is available on Android phones and smart speakers globally in English.

Multiple devices

The audiobooks also work cross-platform giving you the flexibility to continue from where you left off earlier, even if you are using a different device now. So, no matter what device you’ve been using first, with the Assistant or the Google Play Books app on Android, iOS, Chromecast, Android Wear, Android Auto or even your laptop, you can use  any of them to read further.

As an introductory offer, Google is offering 50% off on selected audiobooks. The Audiobooks are available across 45 countries including India and in 9 languages. You can explore the list of audiobook titles available from here.


Satyendra Pal Singh

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