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Microsoft Photos Companion app launched: Fast photo transfers to Windows 10 PCs

Have you been facing issue while transferring your photos to your Windows PC? Well, Microsoft has come up with a solution. The tech giant has launched a new Photos Companion app for iOS and Android devices which has been in testing for some months. The app is aimed at making it easy for Windows 10 users to transfer their photos and videos from mobiles to their Windows 10 desktop.

The app is developed as a part of the Microsoft Garage project. The Photos Companion app uses Wi-Fi connectivity on your phone and PC to establish a connection to transfer and your devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. Moreover, a QR code is also required in the app that helps you start transferring the content. So, the app works as a bridge between a Windows 10 PC and mobile devices.

How does Microsoft Photos Companion work?

First of all, download the Photos Companion app from Play Store or App Store. Now, open the Photos app and then select Import > From mobile over Wi-Fi. It brings the QR code on your Windows 10 PC’s screen. After that, point the scanner available on the Photos Companion app at the QR code to begin the transfer.

As we mentioned, your devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network to let you transfer the content. Also, if in case the import from mobile over Wi-Fi option is not visible in the Photos app on your computer, you need to enable the Show additional preview option that is available in the Settings of the Photos app.

It is to be noted that you already have the option to back up your photos and videos to a cloud service, such as Google Drive, iCloud, or even Microsoft’s OneDrive. This way there is no requirement of using the same Wi-Fi on the mobile and PC to transfer. However, the app seems important for students and educators.

Microsoft’s Garage team says, “Who is looking to complete an epic video project, send media to a friend’s PC, or just get that one special photo onto their computer so it can be edited and turned into the next great post, cover photo, or presentation“.

Download the Photos Companion app on your iOS device from App Store, or for your Android device via Google Play Store.

Satyendra Pal Singh

Satyendra Pal Singh

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