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LastPass password manager gets Android Oreo’s autofill feature

LastPass, the popular password manager has finally received Android Oreo’s AutoFill feature. Moreover, accessibility-based autofill option is still available for older apps that don’t support the new implementation.

The latest version LastPass v4.4.1749 brings the option of Android Oreo’s autofill feature. You can enable this new feature on the settings page and then turn on Autofill. LastPass started supporting Android Oreo‘s autofill API in its beta back in August, the day when Google announced the feature with Oreo. Finally, it is here in the stable version now.

How will Autofill work?

You can enable the latest feature by going to Settings -> Autofill. Now, when you open the LastPass password manager, it will show you a brief animation for “Autofill” in the Android Oreo what you need to do next.


Source: Android Police

Once you make autofill service as default service, you’ll see a warning asking you if you trust the app. Everything else is similar to what we have seen in the previous LastPass beta that supported Oreo’s autofill API.

Android Oreo autofill API offers more seamless experience than the accessibility-based autofill feature. It can recognize the addresses and credit card info, and these will be available as toggles in the app’s settings. However, as of now both the features are tagged as beta features and are turned off by default.

As mentioned, the older and legacy autofill feature using accessibility is still available for users who are not on Android Oreo. It also allows LastPass to autofill in apps that aren’t yet compatible with Oreo.

You can install the latest version of LastPass app from Play Store.


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