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Android P will prevent background apps from accessing camera or microphone

Google is working hard on its next Android upgrade which obviously will be Android P and some speculations are already out on the internet. According to some reports, Android P will embrace the top-notch design just like the iPhone X. In another report, Google is working on rules that would help it prevent background apps from accessing the camera.

The developers over at XDA are working to reveal some core feature of the Android P. According to a new report, the new rules in Android P will prevent apps which are idle in the background from accessing the camera or recording via microphone. Google is doing this to add an extra layer of privacy and prevent the increasing number of malware apps and viruses which can take over your smartphone by surreptitiously recording audio in the background even when not in use.

Android P Camera blocked

The new API won’t let the apps change the app ID one it is been installed on the smartphone. The app ID will be assigned to any app which will get installed on the smartphone, and it will remain the same the whole time. In Android P if the camera detects any app which is idle or in Doze mode accessing the camera, the system will generate an error and revoke the access to the camera for the time being.

Google is also aiming to restrict the microphone access when the app is in an idle state. Instead of generating an error message and revoking the access, the result will be empty and once the app is active, it will get the real data. These features show that Google is very concerned about the user’s privacy and tackling the malicious and malware apps in the Android ecosystem.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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