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Haier launches Asu smartwatch with in-built Projector at #MWC2018

#GTUMWC2018: Haier came to the Mobile World Congress 2018 to prove that the smart wearables are not dead yet. Haier has launched the new Asu smartwatch at the #MWC2018 which comes with a projector which projects some of the details from the smartwatch directly to the back of your hand.

The Asu smartwatch from Haier is a bulky smartwatch but as you know you got to lose a thing to get another. The Asu smartwatch is not very stylish wearable but it is one of the most futuristic wearables. The projector part is located at the right side of the smartwatch which is a perfect place to put it so it can project the information directly to your hand. The projection on the hand is very clear because the skin is just a few centimeters away from the projector.

Haier Asu smartwatch

The Asu smartwatch comes with 1.5 inch touchscreen with 240 x 240 resolution. It is powered by a 1.2 GHz processor and comes with 1GB internal storage. Other than these, it comes with heart rate monitor, GPS, 4G LTE and a gyroscope sensor. The Asu smartwatch features an IP65 rating which makes it resistant to dust and water.

Haier Asu smartphone is just a hint that what the smart wearable is capable of. Maybe Haier is just hinting toward a future technology where you only have to wear a thin band and it will project the watch face on your wrist or maybe a fully functional smartphone. We can’t say anything for sure about this smartwatch because Haier hasn’t disclosed anything about the Asu smartwatch.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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