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Aftermarket iPhone 8 displays becoming unresponsive after iOS 11.3 update

Apple recently released the iOS 11.3 update recently to some of the iPhones to enhance the user experience. The update comes with a bunch of new features. After the update, some users have reported that the Apple iPhone 8 display is becoming unresponsive after the update, if the user is using an aftermarket iPhone 8 display.

This was first reported by Matthew Gault from Motherboard. The iOS 11.3 which was released last month is showing some touchscreen issues on the Apple iPhone 8. This issue has been reported on those iPhones which are using aftermarket displays. Gault also noted that the aftermarket repairs are actually cheaper than the authorized repair from any Apple certified store and sometimes the user has to choose the aftermarket repair.

Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus featured image

It is confirmed that the iOS 11.3 is making the aftermarket displays on iPhone unresponsive. The new update is targeting the microchip which powers the display. The third-party suppliers have already worked this issue out by upgrading their display’s microchip.

This repair requires the faulty iPhone to be opened again and make the repairs. Aakshay Kriplani, CEO of Injured Gadgets told Motherboard, “This has caused my company over 2,000 reshipments, Customers are annoyed and it seems like Apple is doing this to prevent customers from doing the third-party repairs.”

Apple hasn’t clarified if the issue is intentional or accidental but currently only aftermarket Apple iPhone 8 displays have become unresponsive after the iOS 11.3 update. This is not the first time Apple did this, in February 2016, Apple started bricking iPhones models which are using third party Touch ID repairs. However, Apple apologized for this and released a new update later to solve the issue.


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