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Record your Android’s phone screen with these free apps

Do you need to record your phone’s screen to save something? Well, a while ago recording Android phone’s screen used to be difficult as it required root access. But after Android 4.4 KitKat, Google introduced a way to make it much easier.

Currently, there are basically two ways of recording your Android device’s screen: the Google way which is using ADB or the second way using a third-party app. Apart from these, some smartphone makers also offer inbuilt screen recorder with their devices. Still, most of the Android users are deprived of this feature. So, for them using third-party apps is the best option.

Even though this method is unofficial, it’s definitely the easier method and we recommend it for most people. Currently, there are dozens of screen recording apps in the Google Play Store, however, we have chosen a few best apps for you. Let’s take a look at these Android apps to get your screen recording.

Record your Android’s phone screen with these free apps

DU Recorder

DU Recorder records your phone’s screen with up to 1080p/60fps quality. The app works in 20 languages and has a good UI. There is a video editor built-in. You can record your screen by just tapping on it. It can record your gameplay videos, edit it and also watch, share and live stream it.

Apart from recording the screen, it also does some cool stuff like including a front facing camera, shake gestures, and a GIF maker. The app is free to download and use, so we can say it’s one of the better screen recording apps.

Download DU Recorder from Google Play.

AZ Screen Recorder

AZ Screen Recorder is one of the best screen recorder apps without a doubt. It’s light, easy to use, accessible, and free of course. In order to record screen, first change the required settings and then it is as easy any other app. Just tap on the record button and it will start recording. The app features an overlay button but that doesn’t interfere with the recorded content.

Additionally, you can also add the front facing camera for things like gameplay commentary. The app also has a small video editor built-in and you can cut the parts of videos that don’t matter. The app doesn’t require root, has no watermarks, and is free. However, there is a pro version as well.

Download AZ Screen Recorder from Google Play.

Google Play Games

Google’s game management app is all about playing the games from Play Store. However, it also lets you record the games you play on your Android device. Google Play Games only lets you record games, so when you are ready to record your gameplay, open the app and play the game that you want to record.

When you select the game, you will see the game details window and here you can find a camera recorder icon. Select this icon and tap next after that choose your video quality. Now, select Launch to start gaming and after three seconds, your screen will start recording. There will be a little floating video bubble that you can click to Stop Recording.

Download Google Play Games from Google Play.

These apps are free and easy to use on your Android. However, if you want to use Google’s official method, you’ll need to have ADB from the Android SDK set up on your computer. We will make a separate post around this method as well.

If you face any issue using above-mentioned apps while recording your phone’s screen, you can ask in comments!


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