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WhatsApp gets several new features: chat filters, restrict groups and more

WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world and the app continuously gets several new features every now and then. Now leaks indicate another set of features that may arrive on WhatsApp in the near future. The new features include chat filter, restrict groups, and request info.

In another set of features, WhatsApp is getting some new functionalities, including, an announcement feature, and a change in ‘Delete for Everyone’ feature. Here is a list of new WhatsApp features that are making their way to the messaging across its platforms.

WhatsApp new features

Chat filters

Source: WABetaInfo

WhatsApp is working on to resolve the problem of finding a particular chat, especially in groups. With the Chat filter feature, it will allow users to search for a particular word using a set of filters. Users will need to tap on Search and they will find a filter list which will allow them to apply several filters like unread chats, broadcasts messages, or groups, but this feature may only be restricted to WhatsApp Business app.

Change in Delete for Everyone feature

The messaging app has once again updated the maximum time limit to revoke messages. As per WABetaInfo, now when a user taps on ‘Delete for Everyone’ in a message, it will be deleted only if the recipient gets the revoke request within 1 day 1 hour 8 minutes and 16 seconds. Earlier, it was available for 1 day only.

Ability to watch Instagram and FB video

In another new update to iOS users, WhatsApp is allowing users to play Facebook and Instagram videos within the WhatsApp. It means iOS users can now tap on a Facebook or Instagram video link and it will play inside WhatsApp instead of opening in the respective app.

Restrict groups

WABetaInfo also talks about a new feature that will give more power to the group admins. According to the report, WhatsApp Restrict group feature will allow only admins to send out messages. All the other members of the group can only read but not reply to the message. If someone wants to add something to that message then he will have to message the admin in private.

Request Info

Further, WhatsApp will now allow users to download all their WhatsApp data using Request info feature. Users can download and export or port their data to another app. The data they can download contains all the media, chats and group chats.


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