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WhatsApp group chats updated: admin controls, group description, more

WhatsApp is releasing some new features to the Android users that are focused on the group chats. The new features include group description, new Admin controls, group catch up and search for a participant. The new features are now available for all users.

Previously there were lots of features which targeted the WhatsApp group chats, but those were in beta. Now, these features are available for all Android and iOS users starting from today. “These features are available for Android and iPhone users today. We hope you enjoy these new updates,” reads WhatsApp blog.

Group Description

The description of the group will be shown on the top of the group chat. The group description is the feature which was released in March for beta users, and now it has been released to all users. The story of the group can be anything which is related to that group, the topic of the group or some guidelines about it.

New Admin Controls

The admin of the group now has some new controls over the group. The admin will now be able to restrict who can change the group subject, group icon or the description. Now to mention any person in a group, you have to tap the @ button provided below to tag the person into the reply directly without having to select the particular message.


Group Participant Search

The users now have a feature to search for the participants in from the WhatsApp group’s info page. Admins now have rights to remove permissions from any admin or group participants, but the group creator can’t be removed from the group.

These new features will be available on Android and iOS from today onwards. There are a bunch of more features which are still in the beta version of the app and may soon be released globally for all the users.


Abhishek Bhatnagar

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