Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi will announce the MIUI 10 officially at its annual event on May 31 in China. The official Weibo handle of MIUI just posted about MIUI 10 announcement on May 31 along with the flagship phone that the company will unveil on that date.

Xiaomi has scheduled an event on May 31 in China to announce a range of new products and one of them could be their next flagship device i.e. Xiaomi Mi 8. The new image posted on Weibo contains text under the number 10 which is roughly translated “I will be faster than lightning”, along with location and date of the release.

Xiaomi has been working on the MIUI 10 after completing the roll-out of MIUI 9 to promised devices. Back in April, MIUI forum Admins posted that the company was suspending MIUI 9 Beta ROM updates for some time. This suggested that the company’s focus might be on the next version of its custom ROM MIUI 10 after suspending the MIUI updates.

Earlier this year, Xiaomi co-founder and Vice President Hong Feng who also heads MIUI division made the MIUI 10 official announcement. MIUI 10 was likely to be available for all the Xiaomi devices except a few. Later, a list of Xiaomi phones getting the latest MIUI also surfaced online.

At the moment, there is no clue what new features will be coming with the new MIUI version to Xiaomi smartphones. We need to wait a bit more until the official announcement happens later this month. We expect it will come with improved user experience using AI and Machine learning algorithms.