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9 Things about Samsung Galaxy Note 9 you should know

Samsung has released the Galaxy Note 9 in an event in New York with upgraded hardware and refreshed design. The smartphone comes with a bigger display, battery and Bluetooth enabled S-Pen. The Galaxy Note 9 comes with a lot of new features which you should know about so you can make your mind about buying or upgrading your smartphone to Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

Performance: Snapdragon 845/ Exynos 9810

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 comes with a better performance which comes from the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 845/ Exynos 9810 processor which is the most SoC clocked at 2.8GHz. The smartphone features RAM all the way up to 8GB RAM which is the top variant and comes with 512GB internal storage.

The smartphone also comes with a new water cooling technology which Samsung calls Water Carbon Cooling System. This cooling system keeps the temperature of the CPU low so the game won’t stutter event at the intense and long gaming sessions. The smartphone also stays cool so you can use it without any problem.

Display: The best you can get

The Galaxy Note 9 features the same display as the Galaxy Note 8 with no change at all. The display is still the best one you can get on a smartphone right now. The smartphone comes with a 6.4 inches Super AMOLED display with 18.5:9 aspect ratio and quad HD resolution with high pixel density. The brightness of the display is also the highest you can get on a smartphone.

Design: All glass

The Galaxy Note 9 comes with all glass design, the smartphone sports Corning Gorilla glass panel on the back and on the front as well. The smartphone looks super awesome with the glossy back panel and the metal frame. The Galaxy Note 9 is even thinner than the Galaxy Note 8 and the display is a bit bigger.

Camera: Intelligent camera

The smartphone comes with the same camera as before; 12MP + 12MP but with variable aperture feature which we say earlier this year on Galaxy S9+. The aperture changes according to the lighting condition of the surroundings. The smartphone comes with OIS on both the sensors which makes it almost impossible to blur out the images accidentally (claimed by Samsung).

The front-facing camera is an 8MP sensor with f/1.7 aperture size which captures bright selfies even in low light conditions. The smartphone comes with 4K 60 fps video recording support and 960 fps super slo-mo video support.

S-Pen: Bluetooth remote control

Samsung has upgraded the S-Pen by adding much more functionality to it in comparison to the previous year’s S-Pen. The S-Pen comes with Bluetooth LE technology which stays connected to the smartphone and act as a remote control which let you control a lot of things in the smartphone remotely. Samsung is also releasing the SDK so the third-party app developers will take advantage of it as well.

Samsung DeX: Desktop experience now simpler

Samsung is pushing its desktop-like experience feature to lots of its devices, last year’s Note 8 has it but then you needed a separate dock for that. Now, Samsung has built the DeX right into the smartphone so, you have to connect the smartphone directly to a bigger display via HDMI dongle. This time you can use the smartphone while projecting it to the display.


If you are a gamer then this is the reason which will force you to buy this smartphone right now. Fortnite comes preinstalled with the Galaxy Note 9 and it will be coming to other smartphones as well. The game has nothing changes or trimmed down, you will get the same experience as a console or PC.

Battery: Bigger and better

Samsung has upgraded the battery in Galaxy Note 9, this is a significant change with 4000 mAh capacity. Samsung has claimed that the battery will last for a whole day with optimal usage. The smartphone also comes with wireless charging which is a fast charging from Samsung as charges faster than a traditional wireless charger.

512GB storage: 1TB ready

Samsung has added the highest capacity internal storage to the Galaxy Note 9. The top variant of the smartphone comes with 512GB internal storage which is also expandable. You can add a 512 GB  micro SD card and get 1 Terabyte of storage to your smartphone.


These were the features of the Galaxy Note 9 which you should consider before buying it. The smartphone comes with a lot of features and frankly speaking, it is a refined version of the Galaxy Note 8. If you like Galaxy Note smartphones then you should love this smartphone and buy it.

Abhishek Bhatnagar

Abhishek Bhatnagar

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