Playing video games is a great way to keep yourself engaged in your free time. All you need is a stable internet connection and you can play them on your PC or smartphone. Just like Stick Cricket, there are several popular apps and flash games that you can play online.  Stick Cricket is a single and multiplayer video game developed by Stick Sports. The game gained popularity just like some other apps, different UK betting apps, just to name a few, thanks to its easy to game interface and at the same time takes skills to get ahead of your rivals. Hence. we’ve compiled a list of the best flash games like Stick Cricket that you can play online.

The sports betting apps and games have gained so much of popularity recently that almost every other sports lover or enthusiast is using them to make some money out of their hobby and interests.

Stick Tennis

Created by Stick Sports, Stick Tennis is a single-payer video game which is available on both Android and iOS. The game offers players fast and fluidic gameplay. It’s just like real tennis, your opponent is standing on the other side of the court and either you or your opponent serves the ball.

Stick Football

Stick Football is another game you can play to flex your finger during your free time. Just click on the team you wish to play with and click play. At the end of the round, the team with the most points is the winner. Players can adjust their squads before the game. Besides, they can adjust their tactics by making substitutions or changing their team’s formation.

Stick Cricket 2

Another amazing easy to play sports game is Stick Cricket 2. It’s essentially an upgrade over the original game thanks to subtle gameplay tweaks and mechanics that make it even more engaging.

It has nearly 90 levels along with six game modes which include Six Derby, Last Man Standing, No Dots, Survival, Time Attack and Consecutive Boundaries. Players have a wide array of move set in their armoury ranging from reverse sweep to Kohli’s trademark on-drives. It is by far the most engaging and addictive game out there. And it is free too.

EA Sports UFC

EA Sports UFC is another must-have game on your mobile and tablet. It has great tactical details for a mobile game and the violence is pleasantly engaging.  Even the quality of graphics and fluidic touch controls makes the game relatively easy to play, offering an immersive fighting game experience. Players can choose from an arsenal of over 70 real-world fighters and fight their way to glory.


It’ll be hard to find anyone who has played Tetris. Since our childhood, most of us have grown increasingly fond of this classic block building game. Now, the game can be played online. It’s one of those games which most of us love. All you have to do is rotate and move bricks of different shapes and sizes falling down to create a proper wall with no gaps in between. The game is fun and addictive keep you hooked as your levels increase.

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