Android Q Leaked: Features Dark Mode and Desktop Mode

XDA Developers have leaked some of the features of the upcoming Android version from Google. The Android Q is going to be just like Android 9 Pie but with some additional features. Some user interface changes also have been spotted, but these are very subtle and not very significant changes except the addition of the Dark Mode.

XDA Developers also posted some of the screenshots of the Android Q user interface and features. Let’s analyze these features and see what Google got for us in future Android Q update.

System-Wide Dark Mode

This is the feature which Android users been asking for a quite long now, and Google finally listened. The Android Q will come with this feature in the settings under Display where you can enable the dark mode. You can set the dark mode to be on for the entire day, or you can select the automatic option.

Google also added a feature in the Developers option to force the dark mode on non-supporting apps. This feature will dark some of the apps in the future like Instagram and WhatsApp which does not support dark mode. This system-wide dark mode feature not just looks cool but also saves the battery on smartphones with LED displays.

Improved Security and Permission Settings

Google is now taking user’s privacy very seriously and implemented some new features to the Android Q so the user will have better control over it. The Android Q will have a permissions page in settings where the user will be able to see what apps are using which sensors at what time.

The permission popup will have a new option called “Allow when the app is in use” apart from “Allow Everytime” and “Deny.” This will keep the apps from using the sensors when they are in the background and not active at all. The Android Q will also show you an icon in the status bar when your location or any other sensor is being used.

The user can tap on the icon to know which apps are using the sensor at that time. There is a new toggle in the quick settings to enable disable the sensors. At first, I thought this feature is to save battery but actually this feature will turn off all the sensors so no app or activity will use your smartphone’s sensors at that time.

Desktop mode

This is the feature which Android users been looking for so long, Desktop Mode. Some manufacturers already provided this feature in their smartphones like Samsung and Huawei. Now, Google is working to bring this feature built right into the system. This feature has been suggested by a small setting in the Developer options called “Force desktop mode.”


According to what we saw in this alpha build of Android Q shared by XDADevelopers, Google is working hard on privacy. Google might bring even more privacy-related options when Android Q hits the devices.