The German Federal Office for Radiation Protection recently announced a comprehensive list of phones tested for their radiation emission. Surprisingly, Xiaomi and OnePlus phones are at the top spots in this list.

As per the list by German authority, the Mi A1 emits the highest level of radiation with a SAR value of 1.75 W/Kg. Next is the OnePlus 5T with a SAR value of 1.68 W/Kg. If we consider India’s permissible level of mobile phone radiation that is 1.6 W/kg, these two exceed the permissible limits in the country.

What is SAR Value?

SAR or “specific absorption rate” is the amount of radiation a human body will absorb from that cell phone. So, the emitted radiation levels from a mobile phone are measured in SAR value that has a unit of Watt per kg.

So, the lower the SAR value, the less radiation it will emit to be absorbed by body.

There is no definite theory to prove mobile radiation’s harmfulness. But, that’s definitely harmful when exposed for a long time to our body. We know we cannot just stop using mobile phones altogether. So, here are some easy tips on how to protect ypurself from mobile radiation:

Use headphones

As per a study, talking on the phone for over 50 minutes affects brain activities. So, it is advisable that you should save your head from a large amount of radiation. A simple and effective way to avoid this is to use a wired headset. You may also use Bluetooth earphones, but researchers believe that they are not entirely safe and emit RF radiation.

While talking on your phone without earphones, try to put it away from your body as far as possible.

Use anti-radiation cases

Image: SafeSleeve

There are several companies that claim to make anti-radiation cases that are also useful. The outside of such cases is made of a synthetic and inside is made of microfiber. These materials are designed to protect your phone as well as come with a radiation-shielding foil. This deflects and absorbs radiation to reduce your exposure.

Don’t keep it in the pocket

Do not carry a cellphone in your pocket. These mobile phones emit radiation continuously even when you are not using them. So, avoid keeping them in the pocket as radiation has been shown to harm sperm and ovaries. You should keep it in your hand or a bag if you are carrying one.

Avoid calls in a weak signal area

Whenever the cellular network is weak, the phone tries hard to connect to the signal to maintain the connection. This means in weak signal areas phones emit higher electromagnetic radiation.

So, it is advisable to avoid using phones in basements, metros, and other such places where the network is weak. If you live in a weak network area, you can try installing a signal booster.

Also, avoid using your phone inside places surrounded by metal like a car, bus, metro, and elevator etc. The metal surroundings reflect the radiation waves inside and thus increasing your radiation exposure.

Apart from above-mentioned tips and precautions, there are also some simple ways that can lower your radiation exposure. Like, whenever it is possible, cut the talk time over a phone call and prefer to communicate via text messages. Also, avoid sleeping next to your cell phone or any other wireless device that emits radiation.

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