Oppo has shared a video on its Weibo and Twitter account showing a tech that has ever been seen before. In the video, Oppo is showing a prototype device in which a selfie camera is built right under the display. A few moments later, Xiaomi also posted a video with the same technology. Xiaomi said that it has already patented this technology and it seems that their technology is somewhat better than Oppo.

Here we are analyzing video from both Xiaomi and Oppo and will see if Xiaomi is actually ahead of Oppo in this technology?

How Does an Under Display Selfie Camera Work?

We already have an idea about how this technology works and an infographic image from Xiaomi makes it more clear. Xiaomi talked about this tech in very detail with different pictures of concept and final design. This infographic reveals that Xiaomi has created a new type of OLED display that allows light to pass through the display when the display is off.

This is the same technology that smartphone manufacturers use in their under-display fingerprint sensor. There, we have a monochrome sensor that captures the picture of your fingerprint through the transparent part of the display. But because the camera sensor requires a proper lens to work, Xiaomi has placed a series of lenses at the back of the display panel so that the camera can focus on the subject.

Why is it Better than Punch-holes or a Notch?

One of the major advantages of this technology is that we can get a full view display with no distraction in the form of a hole or a notch. There will be no mechanical parts like in the pop-up or sliding mechanism. Moving parts is not a durable solution when we talk about long term usage. The front camera will be completely useless if the motor fails for some reason.

The smartphones which come with a pop-up selfie camera cannot be waterproofed because of the moving part. This will also make the smartphone slim, usually, the smartphones with a popup selfie or sliding mechanism are thicker. The Under Display Selfie Camera is a better solution in every way when compared to a smartphone with a sliding mechanism or a pop-up selfie camera.

What are the Disadvantages?

One of the major disadvantages of the Under Display Selfie Camera is the increase in price. As Xiaomi demonstrated, this is a completely new type of display which Xiaomi fabricated in-house. Xiaomi has to increase the price of smartphones which will feature this display and we will have to pay the price for it.

Another major question arises is about the image quality of the pictures from this under display selfie camera. Xiaomi already told us that the display becomes transparent under the selfie camera location. But according to some already transparent displays which we have seen before from other manufacturers, the display does not become super clear like a piece of glass. There is a small tint which can degrade the quality of the pictures from this camera.

Xiaomi is Ahead of Oppo?

This is clear that both manufacturers have this new tech and they may launch a new smartphone very soon. But the video which Xiaomi posted has more details and shows complete device. Oppo’s device looks more like a prototype and they revealed the least about their technology.

Wrapping up

Last time, Oppo was the first to reveal the periscopic camera with 5X optical zoom but Huawei was the first who brought the actual device first. Oppo seems a bit late this time too because Xiaomi seems to have a final product almost ready. We might see a final device from Xiaomi very soon.