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Master your Galaxy Note 10 and 10+ Using These Tips and Tricks

Samsung released the Galaxy Note 10 series last week and for the first time, we have two variants of the Note 10 smartphone. Samsung released the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ with some major feature distributions. The Galaxy Note 10 comes with upgraded hardware and software which lets you do more than a regular smartphone. And yes, the S-Pen was the star of the event with even more features than last year with Galaxy Note 9.

Galaxy note 10 S pen features, tips and tricks

Today we are going to tell you some tips and tricks for your Galaxy Note 10 so you can try it when yours arrive.

Galaxy Note 10 Tips and Tricks

Home Screen and User Interface

  • You can change the Home Screen Layout from Home screen settings and switch the Home Screen layout to home screen only. This will disable the app drawer and all the installed apps will be available on the home screen only.
  • You can change the Home screen grid and Apps screen grid from 4X5 to 5X6 and change the density of apps on the app drawer and home screen.
  • To access the notification panel and quick settings easily, enable the Swipe down for notifications panel in Home screen settings. Now you can pull down notification drawer by swiping down on the home screen.
  • To switch the user interface to the dark mode, just enable the Night mode in the Display settings.
  • You can enable navigation gestures on your Galaxy Note 10 from the Navigation bar setting under Display Settings.

Buttons and Shortcuts

  • The power button is now on the left side and does not brings up the power menu as default. You can customize the key from Settings > Advanced Features, here you can change the behavior of the Side key for double tap and tap and hold.
  • If you want to keep the shortcut settings the way they are, then you have to bring up the power menu by taping the power icon on the notification drawer.
  • You can get more shortcut settings related to Motion and gestures here. You can enable raise to wake, double-tap to wake, smart stay and my favourite one, palm swipe to capture.

S Pen

  • You can unlock your phone using your S Pen if you are away and your phone locks down due to inactivity. Just enable the Unlock with S Pen remote feature from S Pen settings.
  • Select the behavior when you remove the S Pen from your Galaxy Note 10. Do that from the S Pen settings under the When S Pen is removed. You can select any app, S Note or any other app.
  • Read about more S Pen tips and tricks here.


The camera user interface in Galaxy Note 10 is pretty similar to the stock Google camera app. You can swipe between the modes easily by swiping left and right on the camera user interface.

  • You can change the order of the modes and can also remove the mode from the user interface from Camera Settings > Camera Modes > Edit modes.
  • There is a scene optimizer which automatically detects the scene and optimizes the camera settings You can enable disable the Scene optimizer from the camera settings or the toggle provided in the viewfinder.
  • You can enable super steady mode in the videos by taping stabilization icon on the viewfinder.

Samsung DeX

Samsung DeX is a feature which I like about the Samsung smartphones and setting it up is simple. You only need an HDMI to Type C dongle which connects your smartphone to an external display. The display of the smartphone can be used as a trackpad or you can use a Bluetooth mouse. Using a mouse will let you use your phone normally without causing any interference to the DeX mode.

Samsung DeX provides you with a traditional desktop experience with a desktop and a taskbar with all your notifications and controls. You can run two or more apps at the same time, you can open more instance and resize them to use them at the same time just like in a PC.

Wrapping up

These were the tips and tricks you need to know if you already got your hands on the Galaxy Note 10 or the Note 10+. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is an amazing device only if you like to multitask on your smartphone more than your PC. You don’t need a PC if you are satisfied with the features it provides on the Samsung DeX.


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