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How to Copy Your Facebook Pictures to Google Photos

Facebook is working on a new tool that will let you create a copy of all your Facebook pictures to your Google Photos. The tool is completed and it is in the testing process to figure out any flaws and make it better in all aspects. This tool is based on the code developed through the open-source Data Transfer Project.

This tool is available to the users in Ireland by now before the global release. This tool will be available under the “Your Facebook Information” where you find the option to download your data. Facebook ensures that the data which is going to be transferred will be encrypted so no data leaks will occur.

How to Copy Your Facebook Pictures

If you want to try this feature then all you have to do is log in to your Facebook account on the website. Go to Settings > Your Facebook Information, there you will find the option to migrate the data from your Facebook account to Google Photos. This feature will ask for your password once again to confirm if it is you who are migrating the data.

The tool has been rolled out from today and some users other than from Ireland might see in their account. The tool will be available to all the users in the first half of 2020. Facebook is making its move to show transparency and make sure that the data you put on Facebook is user’s property.

Facebook is trying to gain its faith back after all those allegations of tapping into the user’s private data. There could be many reasons for you to migrate all your data on Google Photos as if you want to download all the pictures at once. If you want to deactivate your Facebook account then also you can migrate your picture to Google Photos so it won’t get deleted in the profile deletion process.


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