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5 Smart Gadgets of 2019 | Are These Still Worth Buying in 2020?

A new year is here and if you want to gift yourself something and a wide variety of categories confusing you then let us help. Smart gadgets are something that everyone wants in their life but the price tag sometimes keeps you from buying them. Here we have five gadgets which you can buy without leaving you penniless.


A humidifier is a gadget you should use in your home in winters. It seems like a simple gadget but it does a lot more than just creating water mist. It increases the moisture in the air which helps in many things including keeping your skin moisturized in cold days.  This one is a water-only humidifier, you cannot use essential oil in this one, you only be able to use filtered or distilled water.

This humidifier comes with 230ml capacity making it super portable so you can take it anywhere with you. It comes with two modes; continuous spray for 4 hours or interval spray fr 8 hours. You can power it up with the microUSB port provided using any microUSB cable. It also comes with seven colours night light which makes it a neat night lamp for your bedroom.

Xiaomi Night Light 2

Xiaomi Night Light 2 is a simple motion-sensing nightlight for your smart home which you can put in the dark areas of your house. The Night Light 2 has a unique magnetic design which makes it super easy to install. It uses four AA batteries which you can replace with ease by opening the sensor side of the light.

The Xiaomi Night Light 2 comes with two brightness settings which you can change and adjust the brightness. The magnetic part of the night light makes it easier to direct the light to any direction. The Xiaomi Night light is available on the official Xiaomi website or you can buy it from the AliExpress as well.

Smart Dustbin

If you keep a trash bin near your desk and always pedals it to open it and throw something in it, then you need this smart dustbin. This trash bin doesn’t have a pedal to lift open the lid, you can just sway your hand over it and it will open. You can also kick the bin to open the lid and throw the stuff inside. The smart dustbin uses three AA batteries to run and there is an open/close touch button provided on the top side.

Smart Socket

If you ever wished to turn on or off your home appliances remotely then here is your chance to so that. This smart socket makes your regular wall sockets to smart sockets which you can turn on and off from your phone. There are a bunch of different types of sockets available on Ali express which you can also buy. You can buy one with USB ports so you can also use them as your phone charger or connect your smart TV boxes or TV stick.

Apple Airpods

If you are shocked to see Apple Airpods in this list then don’t be because we are not talking about the real deal. We are talking about the Airpods copy headphones which you can buy for dirt cheap on AliExpress. The one we tested is priced at about Rs 2,000 and you get all the features of the real Apple Airpods.

These headphones come with a lightning cable and wireless charging as well. These headphones will detect on your iPhone just like the real ones and you can pair them with Android smartphones as well without any problem. The headphones sound about decent but do not expect such great audio quality as the real Apple Airpods.

Wrapping up

These were the smart gadgets which you should buy this year for yourself or your family members. These gadgets are smart and help you in various ways without burning a hole in your pocket.


Amit Rahi

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