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Top Three Ad-free Launchers for Android

Android Launchers are indeed a great way to make your phone feel better and more productive. There are a lot of third-party launchers available in the market that offer nifty features to customize icons, app drawer, dock, widgets, and more followed by gestures and app-integrations.

Nonetheless, most of them are stuffed with ads which while help the developers, tend to hamper the end-user experience. Therefore, we are here with three ad-free launchers for Android that are not only easy to use but also bring in extensive features to the table.

Best Ad-free Launchers for Android

Nova Launcher: Fast yet Feature-rich

Nova Launcher certainly offers the best balance between performance and features that makes up for its immense popularity in the market. It provides almost all the things you’d demand in a launcher, that too, without slowing things down or compromising on battery life.

It lets you customize app icons, app drawer, fonts, shadows, and search bar. There’s also a full-fledged dark mode that helps save some juice while giving a contrasty appearance on OLED displays. It can be scheduled based on the time or as per your liking.

Google Discover backs the news feed to the left of your home screen. And then there’s Sesame Shortcuts integration that offers quick search and hundreds of personal shortcuts at your fingertips. Interestingly, the launcher lets you tweak around with animation and scroll speed using which you can even make a low-end phone feel snappier than before.

In all, Nova Launcher is loaded with tons of stuff while still being simple, fast, and highly intuitive. This makes it one of the best ad-free launchers available for Android. Note that it’s a freemium app, and hence some of the features may require the Prime version. Though, there are no ads or bloat, even in the free version.

Download Nova Launcher

Microsoft Launcher: High on Productivity

The Microsoft Launcher does almost everything that Nova can but in a different manner. Instead of simplicity, it focuses more on productivity and additional features, especially for those already into the Microsoft ecosystem.

To start with, the launcher lets you customize almost everything ranging from the theme, transparency, icon appearance, and layout to gestures, search bar, and app drawer. Furthermore, you can go for adaptive icons and daily wallpapers from Bing.

The dock here doubles up as a quick setting tile that can be accessed by a simple swipe from the bottom. Using which, you can change brightness, turn on the flash, and toggle other connectivity features without having to reach your finger to the top. This makes it suitable for smooth one-hand operation, especially for people who have small hands.

Since it’s developed by Microsoft, you get the perks of integration with its apps like Calendar, OneNote, ToDo, and more, followed by the Continue on PC feature for Windows users. You can check your calendar, sticky notes, tasks, documents, and more right through a simple swipe on your home screen.

And did we just forget the dark mode? Well, that’s the level of customization it has onboard. At the end of the day, Microsoft launcher is an excellent tool for those who are into the Windows ecosystem and prefer productivity over simplicity and speed. Of course, it is entirely free and has no ads.

Download Microsoft Launcher

CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher): Tailored Vanilla Experience

CPL or Customized Pixel Launcher is made for those who want pure vanilla Android experience derived from Google Pixel lineup. And that’s not it, there’s a reason why it gets “customized” in its very name, and the same reflects in the form of a bunch of additional features.

For starters, it comes with a Pixel-like interface with a material white theme and icons. The interface can be switched to dark, though. The Google news feed is given to the left, accompanied by the ‘At a Glance’ widget on the home screen.

It features themes and support for third-party icon packs from the Google Play Store which again can be tailored as per your liking. You can customize dock, home screen gestures, and tweak other settings while maintaining the basic Pixel-inspired styling. Highly recommended if you want a stock-like appearance without compromising on features.

Download CPL: Customized Pixel Launcher

Wrapping Up

So these were some of the best ad-free launchers available for Android. Besides, there are a lot of other apps like Evie Launcher, Hyperion Launcher, Action Launcher, and more, which offer extensive features without any ads. Anyway, what’s your preferred choice? Let us know in the comments below. Also, feel free to reach out in case of any doubts or queries.

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