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How to Disinfect Your Smartphone to Keep it Safe from Coronavirus

COVID-19, the epidemic caused by novel coronavirus has claimed thousands of lives across the globe until now. Studies have found that the virus can last on some surfaces for several days, so it is very necessary to sanitize and disinfect surfaces that you touch frequently and this includes our phones. After the rise of this epidemic, we have become more aware to wash our hands, but what about our phones?

We use smartphones constantly and it even touches our face, which means any virus or other germs can easily transfer to our skin. This is why disinfecting our phones has become necessary. Here, we’re going to tell you the best ways to disinfect your phone and limit your exposure to coronavirus.

Mobile Sanitizer

You can use this product to clean your phone. The mobile sanitizers are easily available at affordable prices on shopping sites. Before you use this product on your phone, do follow these instructions.

Power off your phone and disconnect it from the charger if you have plugged it. Also, remove your phone’s case as germs and bacteria can get behind it.

Now, pick a microfiber cloth so it doesn’t scratch your phone screen. Wet it in the sanitizer and wipe out the phone completely. Make sure you do not wet the cloth too much, else it could damage your phone.

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Soap and Water Solution

If you do not have sanitizer, you can use soap and water solution. For this, fill a bowl with the water and add a few drops of dish soap. Choose an antibacterial soap if possible which is more likely to kill germs. Now, dip a microfiber cloth into this soapy water and squeeze it tightly to wring excess water so it doesn’t damage the phone.

Wipe your phone with the cloth and after that wipe remaining moisture on the phone with a clean dry towel. Do not use paper towels or other cleaning rags as they could scratch your phone’s screen. You can also clean your phone’s case with this soapy water.

Cleaning Wipes

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If you’re more worried about infection while on the go then you can get alcohol-based cleaning wipes. But keep in mind to pick wipes that are soft and specifically designed for cleaning electronics. Wipe the phone with the wipe thoroughly so it gets completely sanitized.

If you are still going out and use your phone after touching a public door handle or after using public transport, you should immediately clean it using any of the above-mentioned methods.

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