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How to Remove ‘Continue Watching’ on Netflix for Android & iOS

Each time you stop watching a movie or a series in midway, Netflix saves your viewing activity, making it easier for you to continue from where you left. Now, this is a great feature for many. However, at times, you may not want certain items from appearing in the list. Therefore, we are here with a quick guide on how to remove Continue Watching on Netflix for Android and iOS.

Remove Continue Watching on Netflix for Android & iOS.

If you leave a movie or a series before completion or tap on it by mistake, it will start appearing in the ‘Continue Watching’ row in your Netflix app. It may contain something that’s no longer relevant to you, or you may have watched it fully but not till the very end. It may also include something that you would not like to reveal to others.

Thankfully, Netflix lets you edit your viewing activity, and you can delete all the movies, series, or TV shows that you no longer want to appear in the Continue Watching tab.

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Steps to remove Content from Continue Watching Row on Netflix

1] Open the Netflix app on your smartphone. Note that steps are more or less similar for both Android and iOS.

2] Select the profile for which you want to remove items.

3] Now, click on More and tap Account. You’ll be redirected to your account settings in your web browser.

4] Once the site loads, scroll down to the bottom and again, select your profile.

5] From the list of available options, choose Viewing Activity.

6] You’ll now be able to see all the content that you’ve watched so far on the platform. Tap the circle-backslash symbol beside a movie or series to remove it from your Netflix.

Within a few hours, the selected movie or show will stop appearing as something you have already watched. Moreover, Netflix will no longer use it for recommendations unless you watch it again.

Wrapping Up

So this was a quick guide on how to remove content from Continue Watching row on Netflix for Android and iOS. You can also do it on your PC or laptop by logging into Netflix Web and following the steps above. If you want to keep others from accessing your watch list and viewing activity, follow our guide to enable PIN lock on your Netflix profile.

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