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3 Under Display Camera Phones Coming in 2020

First, inside the wide notch, then in a waterdrop notch, after that inside punch-holes and now under-display, this is how selfie cameras on smartphones are evolving. Last year, OPPO and Xiaomi showcased their respective under-display camera prototypes. Now, it looks like their phones are also not too far.

Recently, Chinese display manufacturer, Visionox has announced that its under-display camera solution is ready for mass production. Xiaomi already used the display maker’s screen in its few phones, so this new solution may also be used soon.

Let’s take a look at upcoming under-display camera phones in 2020.


Xiaomi showcased the concept of an under-display selfie camera last year. In order to replace notch or a punch-hole to offer a full-screen experience, the company was the first to introduce the technology.

We expected that its MI MIX series will use this technology and there were even rumors that Mi Mix 4 will come with an under-display camera. However, earlier this year the company announced that they had been facing some hurdles and the commercial launch of under-display camera am might get delayed.

Credit: Lets Go Digital

But soon after this, renders based on Xiaomi patents approved in April 2020 surfaced online. The render clearly shows the company’s planned design for its future under-display camera phones.

Vivo Apex 2020

Vivo also plans to launch its under-display camera phones soon. The Apex concept phones from the company always come with some innovative features. Now, this upcoming Vivo Apex 2020 is expected to come with a 16-megapixel selfie camera under the display.

If we talk about the design of the Apex 2020, it has a 6.45-inch ultra-curved display that bends at 120 degrees on both sides, offering ultra-narrow bezels. Although just like Vivo’s previous Apex concept phones, it will not go into production anytime soon. However, it surely offers a glimpse of Vivo’s future phone design.


OPPO is another Chinese manufacturer that showcased its prototypes for the under-display phones. Interestingly, that prototype looked pretty close to a commercial phone. Also, Oppo’s prototype isn’t relying solely on its in-screen camera tech, it also has a button-less design with no ports or camera bumps.

Oppo under display camera

Talking about the in-screen camera, it seemed like an early implementation as you can easily see the camera cutout when there are lighter colors on the screen, however, when its’ dark you cannot easily find where exactly the cutout is.

So, how excited are you with this new technology? Which manufacturer do you think will be the first to launch an under-display camera phone? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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