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Google Photos Updated with new Features: Maps View and More

Google has released a big update for the Photos app which comes with a lot of new features. You get to see a new interface with new features including a new search interface which is completely different than before. Google added a map view which makes it easier to search for pictures that you captured at a certain place.

New logo and interface

The Google Photos app has got a new logo with a simplistic design and a new interface with a clean look as well. The interface has been changed a bit with some new features which you might like in the interface. The interface now has three tabs instead of four which got new features.

There are three tabs at the bottom bar which includes one new feature called search. This is not a regular search, it is an advanced search which uses some intelligence to search for your pictures. This search feature with three tabs has not been released for everyone, Google will release it for everyone soon.

The main page of the Photos app has been changed a bit. You will see a bigger thumbnail of the pictures on the front page. The memory carousel has been shifted to the top and shows you pictures from trips and other memories. The space between the thumbnails has been reduced, so you see less white space between them.

Search Tab

The Search tab is a powerful tool that has its own page, not just a pulldown search. It has its own page with lots of features in it. Previously it was a search bat at the top of the page but now it has a dedicated page. This page has different tabs in it with the top filled with the people and family group pictures.

Below that tab, you will see a Places tab which shows a map with all your pictures according to the places you took those pictures at. You can expand the map and see the complete map with the pictures pinned to the places. You can pinch-zoom into the map to explore the pictures from the places you traveled.

The Library Tab

The Photo’s Library tab is a place where all the previous features which you cannot find resides. All the albums, Favorites, trash, archives, and more will be available here so you can find here. If you are in the US, you will also see the print feature where you can buy products featuring your photos.


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