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Top 5 Apps to Remove Chinese Apps on Android Phone

Do you want to remove Chinese apps from your phone? Well, it's been a while since Google suspended ‘Remove China Apps' from Play Store, and people are now looking for similar alternatives. Therefore, in this article, let's have a look at the top five apps that'll help you detect and remove Chinese apps from your Android phone.

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Best Apps to Remove Chinese Apps on Your Phone

1. BLeave India

Bleave gained a lot of momentum amid anti-China sentiments but was later suspended from the Play Store. However, it's now back in a new avatar. The app not only detects Chinese apps on your phone but also suggests their non-Chinese alternatives.

All you need to do is install the app and press scan, after which it'll show you the list of made in China apps on your phone. While the uninstall option has been removed, you can tap an app to view and install its closest non-Chinese alternatives from Play Store.

Bleave India is entirely free to use and doesn't have any ads on offer.

Download Here

2. Apps Remover- Delete Apps & Uninstaller

Apps Remover helps you find and uninstall Chinese apps on your phone. However, there's a twist- it won't directly tell you if an app is Chinese. Instead, you'll be shown a list of all apps installed, wherein the Chinese apps will be marked with a star.

To look for all China apps at once, tap the ‘Search' icon at the bottom right and type star, i.e., “*.” You can then directly press the delete button to uninstall any of the displayed apps.

Download Here

3. Chinese App Detector

Chinese Apps Detector is a rather simple app that works as you'd expect it to. Download the app, press ‘Scan Now,' and it'll present you with a list of Chinese apps on your device.

While there's no uninstall button, you can tap the Play Store icon to visit the app's page on Google Play. The app is ad-supported.

Download Here

4. Atmanirbhar- Unwanted Apps

Atmanirbhar Bharat by Zeal Mobiles follows a similar suite of detecting Chinese apps. However, you don't need to tap to scan for apps- it automatically examines and displays the installed Chinese app on the app homescreen.

Just like other Chinese app removers, you can uninstall apps using the given option.

Download Here

5. List All Apps & Uninstaller

List All Apps & Uninstaller comes from ‘OneTouch AppLabs'- the developer of popular ‘Remove China Apps,' which was suspended from Google Play Store for violating policies. Evidently, the new app works quite differently so that it doesn't get removed again.

Once you scan for apps, it shows you the list of all installed apps alongside their country of origin. You can go through the list to see what apps come from China. They can be uninstalled one by one using the delete button.

Unfortunately, the app is plagued by full-screen pop-up ads. Also, we'd have loved to see an option to filter apps directly based on their country.

Download Here

Wrapping Up

This was all about apps that'll help you detect and remove Chinese apps from your Android phone. Out of all, my favorite is Bleave since it shows alternatives to Chinese apps while maintaining an ad-free UI. Anyway, what's your choice? Do let me know in the comments below. Stay tuned for more such articles.

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