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Microsoft Family Safety App: Features and How to Set Up

Microsoft has released the final version of the Family Safety app which was in early access for quite some time. The app has been lanced for both the major OS; Android and iOS and you can download it for free. Microsoft Family Safety app comes with a lot of features that will help you to keep a lot of things in control.

Microsoft Family Safety app features

The Microsoft Family Safety app comes with more features on the Android OS. It has limited features on iOS because of Apple’s app policies and makes the app pretty much useless on iOS.

The Microsoft Family Safety app designed to keep an eye on the kid’s online activities and more things. The patent can see the amount of time the kids spend on a particular activity. This app sends a real-time notification about the activities that the kids do on the devices.

How to Set up Microsoft Family Safety app

  1. Go to the Google Play Store or App Store to download the app on the phone.
  2. Launch the Microsoft Family Safety app and tap the Get Started button.
  3. Now log in using your Microsoft account and give all the necessary permissions.
  4. Now tap on the Add Someone button to enter the desired email address.
  5. Then select the family member option and invite to Family group.
  6. Once the invite has accepted, you will be able to manage the activities on the app.

Wrapping up

Microsoft Family Safety app is a nice app for those who want to control the internet or game time of their kids. For more tips and tricks you can follow us on social media.