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Apps Frozen on macOS? Three Ways to Force Quit Them

The macOS is popular for its seamless operations and simple but it also has some issues which every OS ever has frozen apps. Yes, macOS also get stuck sometimes when the app freezes. If it even happened to you then here is a quick guide to tell you how you can force quit those apps.

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Using Apple Menu

Using the Apple menu is the first thing that you click on when an app freezes. You may not know that you can force quit that frozen app from the Apple menu. Follow the steps below to know how to force quit app using the Apple menu.

  • Click on the Apple button on the top left corner.
  • In the menu, you will see the Force Quit option, click on it.
  • You will see a new window called Force Quite Application.
  • You can now, select the app which is frozen and click Force Quit from there.

Using a Keyboard Shortcut

Believe it or not, there is a three-button force-quit shortcut in macOS. You can press this shortcut and it will popup the FOrce Quit application, follow the steps below.

  • Press and hold the Option, Command, and Escape keys on the keyboard.
  • Leave the keys when the Force Quit Application window pops up.
  • Now select the app you want to force quit and click the Force Quit button.

Activity Monitor

The activity monitor is one thing that is just like the Task Manager in Windows PC. You can do the same things which you can do on a Windows PC using the Activity Monitor. Follow the steps below to know how to force quit apps using Activity Monitor.

  • Bring up the Spotlight search by taping the Command and Space bar together.
  • Now search for Activity Monitor and launch it.
  • In Activity Monitor, you will see all the activities and processes running in the background.
  • Select the app which you want to force quit and click the little cross icon in the toolbar above.

Wrapping up

This is how you can force quit apps on your macOS device. For more tips and tricks like this one related to Mac PC, follow us on social media.


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