Google has released a complete user interface overhaul on the 15th birthday of Google Maps. The updated interface has a bottom bar with different tabs instead of the hamburger menu. There were more features like new icon design, better transit, and live view. Google Maps has upgraded the saved tab again to make it easier to remember saved places.

Google Maps saved tab revamp

This new updated saved tab moves your recently saved places on the top so you can easily navigate to the recent places easily. Google Maps also makes it easier to find nearby places to the recently saved places to the tab. If the location permission has been granted then maps can show you all the nearby places in a carousel which is a pretty nice feature.

If the location history is turned on then you can easily see the visited places in your timeline. This feature will come in handy when you want to visit a place you haven’t visited in a while and want to see how you went there.

The new changes in the tab are that you can easily create a new list apart from the pre-created lists. These new changes are in the Google Maps version 10.48.2 so if your app version does not match with this one, then you need to update the app from Google Play Store.

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