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Top 5 Best Fast Wireless Chargers You Can Buy

If you are online looking for wireless chargers that will give you a bit more than a regular wireless charger then look no further. Here we have a list of best fast wireless chargers that comes with something extra at the price of a regular wireless charging pad.

1. Amkette Power Pro Air 600

Amkette wireless charger comes with a versatile charger that lets you charge your phone in tow modes. You can either charge your phone either in a dock like a position where your phone stands on the charger to show you your notification and time on ambient display. Or you can charge your phone in a more traditional way, where you drop your phone on the pad flat.

The Amkette Power Pro 600 wireless charger is Qi certified and can charge all phones support this charging style. This charger can charge your phone as fast as up to 10 watts which can charge your supported Samsung devices and Apple devices as well. The charger is priced at Rs 1,599.


2. Anker PowerPort

Anker PowerPort is a really compact and portable wireless charger that comes in a small package. Despite its small form factor and portability, it comes with the good build quality and features. The Anker wireless charger is a rated 10W wireless charger to charge any device at the best-supported speed.

It comes with anti-slip pads on the top of the charger so the phone won’t move from the charger and ensure proper charging throughout. The base of the charger also comes with a rubberized coating so the charger won’t slip from the desk as well. It is priced at Rs 2,599 and comes with complete 18 months of warranty on the product.


3. Blue Seed BBD 4-in-1 Wireless charging station

If you are the type of person who used a bunch of wireless charging supported products like the phone, watches, and even earphones. Then this wireless charging station from Blue Seed will be the best solution for you. It comes with four wireless charging points for different devices.

You can charge your Apple Watch, AirPods, and two smartphones with one in flat style and one in dock style. This wireless charger is also rated for up to 10W fast wireless charging so it can charge all your supported devices which comes with 10W wireless charging support.


4. Samsung Wireless Charger stand

If you own a Samsung smartphone then you may want to buy a Samsung wireless charger as well. Then look no further than the Samsung Wireless charger stand, it comes with a 9W power rating so you can charge all your supported Samsung smartphones at the fastest speed.

This wireless charger comes with both portrait and flat charging style so you can charge your phone as you like. It comes with a cooling fan as well which makes sure that your phone cools down while the phone is wirelessly charging for a long time. The Samsung charger is a bit heavy on the wallet, Rs 3,999 but it will be worth your money.


5. RAEGR Arx 1500 UVC Disinfection box

This wireless charger is a bit uncanny but when you think about it, it does far more than a traditional wireless charger. The RAEGR Arx 1500 UVC Disinfection box is a wireless charger as well to charge your devices while disinfecting them. It supports up to 10W fast wireless charging.

It also comes with an Aroma Diffuser for aromatherapy, you can add aroma drops into the provided hole to enable it. This wireless charger supports all kinds of wireless charging and can charge your smartwatch as well. Its priced at Rs 3,999 but you get a complete package at this price.


Wrapping up

These were the best fast wireless chargers which you should consider while getting online to buy chargers. You get additional benefits with these wireless chargers as well. For more gadget recommendations, follow us on social media to stay updated.


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