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You can now turn your selfie into stickers on Instagram and send it to your friends. Facebook recently announced several new features for Instagram’s messaging service including the merger of Messenger and Instagram DMs and Vanish Mode. With this change, Instagram DMs got several features from Messenger. However, there are two more new features that have come to only Insta DMs- custom emojis reactions and selfie stickers. Here we are telling you how to use selfie stickers on Instagram DMs.

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Use Selfie Stickers on Instagram

Facebook says that selfie stickers are a unique combination of Boomerang, emojis, and selfies, and together these create a new way to react to conversations.

Follow these steps to use your selfie as stickers.

1] First, you’ll have to make sure that your Instagram app is updated.

2] Now open the app and go to DMs and open an existing chat or compose a new message.

3] When you’re composing a message, you’ll see a sticker icon on the right-hand side.

4] Tap on it and the Sticker tab will open.

5] Here you’ll see the selfie sticker in the first few rows. If it isn’t showing, you can just type “selfie” in the above search bar.

6] When you select the selfie sticker, your face will pop up in front of the gradient background. You can change the background by tapping on that circle. You’ll also have options to change emoji for your face from the heart eyes, fire emoji, etc.

7] Once you click your selfie, you’ll see options to retake, send, and save. If you want to use it anytime, just save it and use it in other chats as well.

The selfie sticker is a good feature for the times when we want to convey our feelings exactly with emojis. Tell us in the comments how you like this new feature.

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