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How to Mute Fleets From A Particular Twitter Account

Twitter introduced its ‘Fleets’ feature which is the same as ‘Stories’ on Instagram or ‘Status’ on WhatsApp. They remain on our timeline for 24 hours before disappearing. You can go through our detailed guide on how to use Fleets for more details. Coming to the point, sometimes these Fleets can be annoying from one of the accounts you follow.

Thankfully, Twitter gives you the option to mute Fleets from a particular account. Here’s a step by step guide on how to mute someone on Twitter to stop seeing their fleets or even tweets.

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How to Mute Fleets

You can mute accounts on Twitter one by one so you don’t see fleets from them. Make sure you have the latest version of the Twitter app. Now follow these steps:

1] Open Twitter on your smartphone and on the homepage tap and hold that account’s fleet showing at the top in a circle.

2] You will see two new options when you hold that circle- [email protected] and View profile.

3] Now tap on [email protected] and you will again see options- Mute Fleets and Mute Tweets and Fleets.

4] If you want to mute only Fleets then tap the first option. You will see a message on the screen that fleets have been muted from that account.

You can follow the same steps to mute other accounts as well.

How to Unmute Fleets

In order to unmute any account, follow the below steps:

1] Open Settings and privacy on the Twitter app.

2] Now, tap the ‘Privacy and safety‘ and look for Muted Accounts here.

3] Tap in the ‘Muted Accounts’ and you will all the accounts that you have muted.

4] Here go to the fleets section and tap on that account and it will take you to that account’s main page.

5] There tap on Unmute options below their bio and it will be unmuted.

This is how you can mute or unmute an account on Twitter. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned with Gadgets To Use.