Google Discover is a great feature that offers some useful news and other articles via the Google app that is available just a left-swipe away from the home screen. The Discover feature offers all types of news and stories in your Google search app and you can customize the Google Discover feed to add your interests to it. That’s why this feature is considered great by some users, however, some still find it annoying. For those people, we have come up with two ways to turn off Google Discover Stories on Android.

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Turn Off Google Discover Stories

Table of Contents

1. From the Home screen

The very first way we discuss here just turns-off your Google Discover completely, which means you cannot even access the Google app by left swiping on your home screen. Follow the below steps to do so:

1] Tap and hold on your home screen and select Home settings from the pop-up.

2] On the next screen, look for the “Show Google App” toggle and disable it.

This setting could be at different places in different phones. So you can just head to home settings from main settings and turn it off from there.

This will completely turn-off the Discover feed on your phone. However, if you do not want to completely disable the Google app from the left swipe, look for our next method.

2. In the Google app

The next method is from the Google app and this one just disables the discover stories and cards. You can still use the left swipe to use the Google search.

1] On your Android phone, open the Google app or swipe left from the home screen.

2] At the bottom right, tap More (… icon) and then head to Settings.

3] In the settings, select General.

4] Now look for Discover and turn the toggle off.

This setting will only disable the stories, cards, and (not to forget) the ads on your Google app. You can use the left swipe to search for anything you want.

Bonus Tip

Delete Discover Activity

You can also find and delete your Google Discover activity. Although this activity is private, and only you can see your activity when you’re signed in to your Google Account. But still, if you want to delete it, follow the steps below:

1] Visit the My Activity page and sign in to your Google Account if not already signed.

2] Here, you will see a daily summary of the Discover stories that Google sent to you.

3] To delete your activity, tap on the delete button next to it. You can also delete all the search activity by heading to Settings.

Read our detailed guide on How to Check and Delete Your Google Search History. 

This way you can manage or turn-off Google Discover feed on your Android phone. For more such tips and tricks, stay tuned!