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3 Best Apps to Keep and Delete Photos By Swiping on Your Screen

It doesn’t matter if you like photography or not, there are chances that your phone’s gallery must be filled with tons of photos, whether those are camera pictures, WhatsApp images, or even screenshots. In such a scenario, organizing your photos can be difficult, especially when you cannot delete photos without checking. So you will need an app that lets you weed out the bad ones with just a swipe. While native Gallery apps do not have such a feature where you can delete pictures with so much ease, so we are here with three apps to keep and delete photos by swiping on the screen.

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Apps to Keep and Delete Photos By Swiping

1. Slidebox – Photo Organizer

Slidebox is one such app that lets you organize your photos with quick swiping gestures. You can view your photos in this app in fullscreen mode and then just swipe up to delete unwanted photos. You can also choose an album to store photos into and you can even compare similar photos to quickly delete them.

Slidebox Features:

1] You can swipe up to delete an unwanted photo to free up space.

2] You can move your pictures into an album. You can choose an existing album from your gallery or create a new one.

3] Compare similar photos and delete duplicate photos quickly with a swipe.

4] All photos are organized directly in your phone’s Gallery as well.

Download Slidebox

2. Tidy Gallery – Photos Cleaner & Organizer

Tidy Gallery is also one such app that makes deleting photos from your mobile very easy. You can open the Tidy app and watch all your photos in full-screen and just swipe right to keep the photo, and swipe left to delete the photo. (Remember Tinder?)

Tidy Gallery Features

1] The best thing about this app is filters. There are various filters that you can apply before deleting, such as duplicate media, by media size, and by specific period.

2] You can swipe right to keep your photo and swipe left to delete your media.

3] It also has a compare mode, in which you can tap on each picture to see the previous or the next one, for fast-forwarding the process.

You don’t need to login on Tidy, and simply start using it.

Download Tidy Gallery 

3. iSweep-easy clean camera roll

iSweep is another app that offers an easy and fast way to delete photos from your phone’s gallery. This has also a similar process just like the Tinder app, i.e. you can swipe left to delete, and swipe right to keep the photo. This app also tells you how much space you will save from deleting the photos.

iSweep Features:

1] You can access all your photos from your camera right from the app.

2] Filter your photos by time to delete pictures from any time.

3] Swipe left to delete a photo or swipe right to keep it. You can also review the trash before permanently deleting it and save up storage space on your phone.

4] It also shows how much space you save after deleting each picture as well as reminds you to delete old photos on monthly basis.

Download iSweep 

These were the apps that will help you in organizing your media on your phone and thus saving your storage space. You can easily decide whether to keep or delete photos by swiping on the screen. For more such free apps, stay tuned!

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