WhatsApp has become an integral part of our life, as we can connect and chat with our loved ones, catch up with friends. And with the added support of WhatsApp for Business, the possible use cases have even increased further like fixing an appointment with a local business or booking a table in a nearby restaurant, or even ordering a Pizza!! ?

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But with such a fast-paced life, managing all these things on our phone can become a bit cumbersome. You might have wondered: ‘If I could use WhatsApp on my Tablet and iPad as well, in addition to my phone and PC’. Well, as you must have guessed by now, that’s what I am going to discuss today in this article, so let’s get started.

Use WhatsApp on your Tablet, iPad, PC, and Mac

WhatsApp for Tablet and iPad

As we all know WhatsApp even after almost 12 years of launch, is not compatible with tablets as there’s no “WhatsApp for tablet” version available on the app stores. But, what if we need to use WhatsApp on our Tablet/iPad? Well maybe WhatsApp doesn’t have an answer to this, but we have a workaround to do this.

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1. Use WhatsApp Web

Back in 2015, WhatsApp released a web client, known as “WhatsApp for Web”, which a lot of people must be using every day. But, do you know that the same web client can be used on your Tablet/iPad as well. Just follow these steps to get it done:

  • Open the WhatsApp for web website on your Tablet or iPad browser.WhatsApp Web website
  • Switch to Desktop version on the browser –
    • Android Tablet: Tap on the 3 dots (top right) and click on the Desktop Site checkbox.Desktop Site
    • iPad: Tap on AA next to the URL, and select Desktop Site.Safari Desktop Mode
  • The WhatsApp for Web Website will open, with a QR code towards the right (like this).WhatsApp web
  • Open WhatsApp on your Phone –
    • Android: Tap on 3 dots (top right) and click on WhatsApp Web.WhatsApp Web Android
    • iOS: Go to settings (bottom right), and click on WhatsApp Web.WhatsApp Web iOS
  • Now Scan the QR code on your Tablet/iPad from your phone.WhatsApp QR Scan

Note: Make sure your phone is connected to the internet, as WhatsApp web mirrors your Phone’s chat, i.e. the main conversation will happen from your phone only.

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2. WhatsApp Standalone App

If you don’t want to manage two devices (Phone with the internet, and your Tablet), and want to run WhatsApp independently on your Tablet. Then you can follow these steps:

  • Download WhatsApp Apk file from a safe and trusted website, I’ll recommend downloading it from Apk Mirror.WhatsApp APK mirror
  • Make sure to download the one whose Architecture is Universal.WhatsApp Architecture
  • Click on Download Apk.
  • Open and Install the Apk file. (If you’ve never sideloaded an Apk before, then the installation process will ask to allow install from unknown sources)WhatsApp Unknown Sources
  • Open the WhatsApp app, you may receive this error message: tablets are not currently supported.WhatsApp Table Error
  • Tap on OK, and set up WhatsApp on your Tablet.

Note: Since you’ve sideloaded WhatsApp on your Tablet, you won’t be able to update it from the Google Play store. So, you need to manually download new APKs over time, in order to keep your WhatsApp running.

WhatsApp for PC and Mac

If you want to use WhatsApp on your PC or Mac, then you can follow these ways.

1. Use WhatsApp web

One of the easy ways is to use it via WhatsApp Web, by following the procedure mentioned above.WhatsApp web

2. WhatsApp Client for Windows or Mac

WhatsApp web is a temporary solution, for very less or moderate use. But if you don’t want to follow the same monotonous process of WhatsApp Web login, and want a permanent solution once and for all. Then you can download and Install a dedicated WhatsApp desktop client on your Windows and Mac machine from WhatsApp’s own Website.WhatsApp for Windows and Mac

Note: WhatsApp must be installed on your phone, in order to use the desktop client.

So these were few ways by which you can use WhatsApp on your Tablet, iPad, PC, and Mac, and enjoy your chats.

Bonus Tip: WhatsApp Multi-Device Support

Recently, WABetaInfo spotted Multi-Device support, on an iOS Beta build, which lets you use WhatsApp Web even if your phone is not connected to the internet.

The said Beta Build is also said to have the ability to connect up to 4 different devices, as it comes with a logout option.

For more WhatsApp tips and tricks, stay tuned!

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