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4 Quick Ways to Scan Any QR Code on Your Android Phone

QR codes have become very mainstream especially after the digitization in payments. Now you can do much more than paying using these jigsaw puzzle-like codes. For example, you can share contacts using a QR code, you can share your WiFi using these codes and you can even download apps and visit other links, just by scanning a code on your phone. So, how can you read or scan these codes on your phone? Here are some ways to scan any QR code on Android and iPhone.

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Scan QR Code on Android and iPhone

Some smartphones these days come with this feature in-built either in the Camera app or inside the browser. You can also scan any QR code via the digital payment app Paytm and there are also some dedicated QR code scanner apps.

So here we are mentioning all these ways to scan QR codes on your phone.

1. Via Google lens in Camera

Most of the smartphone companies offer Google lens integration in their camera. As we all know, Google Lens has many abilities to scan multiple things and one of them is QR code. Here’s how you can use Google lens to scan a QR code on your phone:

1. Open the Camera on your phone.

2. You will see the Google lens button (scan icon) next to the shutter button, tap on it.

3. It will show a scanner-like shape on the screen and click the picture of the code.

4. Google lens will then translate the QR code and you can see its contents.

If your phone doesn’t have the Google Lens app in the camera, you can download it from Play Store. Otherwise, move to the next methods we mentioned here.

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2. Via Google Chrome

If you have the Google Chrome browser installed on your smartphone, you can scan a QR code using it. Apart from scanning QR codes, the browser also has the ability to generate QR codes for any link. Here’s how to use this feature on Chrome:

1. Open any link on Google Chrome and then tap on the URL bar.

2. When some options appear below the bar, tap on the “Share” icon.

3. A menu will appear from below, and you’ll see a “QR Code” option there. Tap on it.

4. This will convert the URL to a QR code.

5. On the page where the QR code appears, tap on the “Scan” option.

6. Allow Chrome to access your camera if not already done. That’s it. Your phone will now scan the QR code and if it’s a link, Chrome will open that.

You can directly access the QR code feature by right-clicking any link and then tapping on the share button.

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3. Using Paytm

If you are using any digital payment apps like Paytm, Phonepe, or Google Pay in India, you will be able to scan QR codes using these apps in-built scanners. However, Google Pay and Phone only support UPI QR codes that are meant for payments.

Just hit the “Pay” or “Scan Any QR” button from the home screen and you will see a viewfinder on your screen. Just align it with the QR code, and the app will show you what the code contains. If it’s a web URL, Paytm will show you its link which you can open in your browser by tapping on “Ok, I understand”.

4. Using a dedicated app

There are several apps on Play Store that offer this functionality with some other added features. Here we are using QR & Barcode Scanner app for Android. The app offers several other features such as scan bar codes, images, and create QR codes for URLs, texts, contacts, email, SMS, location, phone number, WiFi, etc.

Here’s how to use this app:

1. Download and install the app on your phone.


2. After that, open the app and give it the necessary permissions.

3. Now, point out the camera viewfinder at any QR code and the app will show you the result.

4. It will ask you to open the URL or share the result.

Also, if you want to create your own QR code, you can tap on the hamburger menu, and from options select “Create QR”. After that, select your category and you will be able to create a QR code for the same.

These were some ways to scan any QR code on your phone. So, now you know how to scan these codes, tell us in the comments, which one of them are you gonna use. For more such tech tips, stay tuned!

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