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5 Ways to Use Google’s Lookout App Like A Pro

Lookout by Google is an app that helps people with low vision or blindness to do day-to-day tasks with ease. All of it is made possible with the use of your phone’s camera. If you’re someone having trouble with vision, you can use Lookout by Google in different ways to make things easier for you. Here, we’ll tell you five ways to use the Google Lookout app like a Pro.

Google Lookout App- Use it Like a Pro

5 Ways to Use Google Lookout App Like A Pro

Lookout by Google uses computer vision to help people with low vision or blindness get things done faster and more easily. It uses the phone’s camera to get more information about the surroundings and help you do daily tasks like reading books, sorting mail, putting away groceries, and more conveniently. Here’s more on what Lookout By Google is and how to use it.

If you have vision issues or know someone with visual impairment or blindness, you can use the Lookout by Google app to make things easier. Below, we’ve mentioned five different ways to use it and make the most out of it.

Lookout by Google was previously limited to the Pixel phones in the US. However, it can now be downloaded by all Android users from Google Play Store. All it requires is Android 6.0 and above with at least 2GB of RAM.

1. Read Text Using Lookout by Google

Read Text Using Lookout by Google

By default, Lookout by Google starts in the Text mode. To use it, open the app and point your phone’s camera towards the text. The app will automatically start reading it out. You can use this mode to read texts in books, signs, or mails.

2. Scan and Read Documents

Lookout by Google has a dedicated mode for reading full pages of text. To use it, select the Document mode and hold your phone’s camera at the document page in portrait mode.

Listen for Lookout’s real-time voice guidance to help match the document with the frame. Then, tap the shutter button, and it’ll instantly scan the document and present it in text form to help you read better. It can be useful for those having slightly lower vision causing trouble reading books.

3. Recognize Currency Notes

Detect Currency Notes using Google Lookout App

Lookout by Google can also help you identify currency notes. All you need to do is switch to Currency mode and aim your phone’s camera at the banknote. It’ll automatically detect the currency value and read the same out loudly.

It supports only US Dollars and Indian Rupees. However, it didn’t work for Indian notes while I tried it on my phone. Coins, too, aren’t supported as of yet.

4. Identify Food Labels

Google Lookout can help you detect and recognize food packaged food via labels and barcodes. Switch to Food mode, select your region and download the additional data required. Once done, hold the product’s label in front of your camera and rotate it slowly.

It is currently in beta and available only in some countries.

5. Explore Mode- Know Your Surroundings

The Explore mode can help you learn more about what’s around you. You can point your camera around you to hear what’s in your surroundings, including objects and text. In my usage, it automatically recognized whether it’s a person, keyboard, mobile phone, ceiling phone, mobile phone, etc.

Like the Food mode, it’s currently in beta and may not work be that accurate.

Additional Tips & Tricks for Lookout by Google App

Launch Google Lookout App Using Voice

Don’t want the trouble of searching for the app and launching it manually? Well, why not use Google Assistant for the same? Just unlock your phone and say, “Ok, Google, open Lookout.” Not working? Try these tips to fix Google Assistant not working on Android.

Change Speech Rate, and Pitch

You can also change the app’s voice speed and pitch based on your liking. To do so, open the Lookout app, tap your profile icon at the top right corner, and select Settings. Here, use the sliders for Speech Rate and Pitch to tweak the voice settings.

You can also enable or disable automatic low-light flashlight, document scan hints, and haptic feedback.

Review or Share Recent Results

Inside the app, you can review the history of items that Lookout has detected. You can also share these results with others over messaging apps. Just tap the history icon in the app and it’ll take you to the list of items recognized previously.

Wrapping Up

These were five different ways to use the Google Lookout app like a pro. Besides, we’ve also mentioned some extra tips and tricks for Lookout. I feel it’s a must-have app for people with visibility issues as it genuinely helps a lot with doing tasks and understanding the stuff around. Do try it out and let me know your experience in the comments below.

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