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3 Ways to Fix WhatsApp Linked Devices Logout Automatically

WhatsApp announced a multi-device login feature earlier this year and many users already have been using it. This feature gives them the freedom to use the messenger on any of their devices. So if you also use WhatsApp on your PC or tablet alongside your mobile phone, you might have come across this issue that the linked devices are logged out after a certain period of time. Here, we will tell some fixes for WhatsApp automatically logout linked devices from your account.

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Fix WhatsApp Linked Devices Logout Automatically

The feature allows users to use WhatsApp on these linked devices even when the main phone didn’t have an active internet connection. However, if the main device has not been connected for over 14 days, the linked devices will be automatically logged out.

Update WhatsApp to Get Security Fix

WhatsApp announced such users whose linked devices were logged out that it happened due to an unexpected issue. So the company soon released a security fix for this. So all you need to do is update your app to the latest version.


On your Android or iPhone, go to the respective app store, search for WhatsApp and click on update next to it, if available. Once the update is done, try linking your devices again.

There are some other fixes you can also try if the problem still persists with your devices.

Join WhatsApp Beta

The above-mentioned fix has been announced for WhatsApp beta testers for Android and for iOS as well. So, if your WhatsApp faces the same issue on linked devices, WhatsApp is able to automatically fix this via security update, however, you’ll have to be a beta tester.

If you haven’t joined WhatsApp beta yet, visit the relevant pages on Play Store or on Apple’s test flight to join it. After that, re-install the beta version of the app and then open WhatsApp settings to connect linked devices and see the problem is fixed.

Check Network on Your Phone

Your phone is probably the primary device on which you use WhatsApp, and as per the feature, if your phone goes offline, after 14 days the linked devices will be logged out. So, check the internet connection on your phone and then go link your device once again.

Go to Settings->Linked Devices and click on Link a Device. Then go on your PC or tablet, open WhatsApp Web or desktop app, and scan the QR code using your phone. You will be logged in again on WhatsApp.

So these were some possible fixes of WhatsApp linked devices logout automatically problem. WhatsApp is slowly releasing this feature for all users, so you can also wait for this to release in a stable build and then use it.

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