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How to Fix Your Hard Bricked Xiaomi Phone With Locked Bootloader

If you are familiar with custom ROM or flashing your phone, then there’s a possibility that you have tried flashing your Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO Phone. Earlier flashing a Xiaomi phone was an easy and quick process, but now, things have changed. An unlocked bootloader is required to flash your phone. But what if the bootloader is locked and you’ve accidentally hard bricked your phone and stuck at that screen? Today I’ll be sharing a way to fix your hard-bricked Xiaomi phone.

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What is Bootloader?

There’s a layer of protection, which is required to be unlocked to alter or modify the software of your phone. Every phone has this layer of protection, in the case of Android, it is called Bootloader, whereas in the case of iPhone it is called iBoot. There are two levels of bootloader, Primary and Secondary.

The primary Bootloader is hardware locked and can be accessed only after opening the body of the phone only a qualified technician can unlock it (so better not to play with it, if you are not the right person to do it), while the Secondary Bootloader is software locked, and can be unlocked once your phone’s company has granted permission to unlock it.How to Unlock Bootloader Via Fastboot on Android - TechCult

In the case of Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO, earlier this permission to unlock the bootloader was granted in a few hours. But, now according to the new policy, in order to unlock the bootloader, we need to wait 168 hours (approximately 7 days), to begin the flashing process.

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Why MIUI can’t be installed on this device?

Now, that we know what the bootloader is and it is required to be unlocked to flash any other ROM. This method was used by many people, as they used to import Xiaomi Phones from China, in large quantities, flash global software and sell the phone in other countries. This practice caused a huge loss to Xioami Globally.

That’s why Xiaomi decided to lock the bootloader if someone tries to flash another ROM on Xiaomi phones originally sold in China, another fact to be noted is that phones sold in different regions are customized to suit the market, this customization can be different hardware or different software. Flashing a ROM meant for another region may damage the phone, because of incompatible hardware and software.

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Fix Hard bricked Xiaomi Phone with Locked BootLoader

Now that we, why you are facing the issue “This MIUI Version can’t be installed on this device”. This is a hard-bricked situation, i.e. your phone doesn’t have any ROM installed, and the bootloader is in the locked state. And in order to unlock the bootloader again, you need to have a ROM installed on your phone. Luckily I’ve found a way to fix your hard-bricked phone. Here’s how to fix your phone.


  • A Windows Computer
  • USB Cable to connect your phone
  • Your Hardbricked Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO Phone

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Steps to Unlock Bootloader of Hard bricked Xiaomi Phone

  • You need to download this software on your computer/laptop. (This software works for only Mediatek processor powered phones)
  • Extract the zip file of the software to access all the files.
  • Go to the extracted folder and open the Driver folder.
  • Select the file “cdc-acm.inf”, and install it by right-clicking.
  • Now go back to the main folder and install USBDk, make sure to install the correct version based on the Windows version you are using (x64 for 64 bit Windows OS, x86 for 32 bit Windows OS).
  • Now, Restart your Windows PC.
  • After restarting your PC, launch the “UnlockBootloader” Batch File.
  • The file will keep on running and will display the same message repeatedly, ignore that.
  • Now, pick your phone, make sure it is in the switched-off state, i.e. complete black screen. (If your phone stays in recovery mode or fast boot mode, then let the battery drain completely.)
  • Now, you need to connect your phone to pc, in Brom mode. In order to do so, keep holding one of these buttons (as the combination is different for every MediaTek phone), and plug in the phone:
    • Hold Volume Up and Plug in the phone, or
    • Hold Volume Down and Plug in the phone, or
    • Hold Both Volume Buttons and Plug in the phone.
  • Once your phone gets detected the UnlockBootloader batch file will run some commands and automatically close. The bootloader is now unlocked.
  • Now, disconnect your phone. In case, you get a warning that ‘your device is corrupted‘, press the power button to continue.

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Most Important Step

  • You can now flash your phone again, using the official Mi Flash Tool.
  • Find and Download the correct fast boot ROM of your phone, for your region.
  • Connect your phone in fastboot mode, and flash your phone again. But make sure to select Clean all, or you will again end up with a locked bootloader.
  • Once the flashing is done. You will get the error “flash is not done” (this is because we chose clean all, instead of clean all and lock). Just wait for 5-10 minutes, the phone will boot up again.
  • Now, you can set up your phone.

Wrapping Up

So this is how you can fix your hard-bricked Xiaomi/Redmi/POCO phone with a locked bootloader. Do note that this method will work only on those phones that have MediaTek processors. Stay tuned for more such tips and tricks.

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