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2 Ways to Unlock iPhone with Mask On Without Using Apple Watch

Apple has released iOS 15.4 developer beta update today. With this update, iPhone users can now unlock their iPhone while wearing masks and they won’t need Apple Watch for the same. So, if you’re an iPhone user and are annoyed with the thing that you have to enter six-digit passcode every time to unlock the iPhone while wearing a face mask, this is a big relief for you. Read on to know how this feature will work.

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Unlock iPhone with Mask On Without Apple Watch

When you update your iPhone to iOS 15.4 beta, you will see a new “Face ID with a Mask” option that will allow you to unlock your iPhone even when you’re wearing a mask. Here’s how to set this up on your iPhone:

1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.

2. Go to Face ID & Passcode.

3. Here you will see a new option- Use Face ID with a Mask.

4. Enable the toggle next to it.

After that, you will need to enroll your face with a mask and it will be set up.

As of now, users could unlock iPhone‌ while wearing a mask using an Apple Watch, however, this new feature will remove the need for an Apple Watch.

Unlock iPhone While Wearing Glasses with Mask

Apart from wearing a mask, the new iOS 15.4 beta also brings improved face recognition when someone is wearing glasses. Here’s how to add your face with glasses:

1. Open Face ID & Passcode in the settings.

2. Here, below Use Face ID with a Mask, you will see a new option- Add Glasses.

3. Tap on it and then on Continue to enroll face with your glasses on too.

However, you should note that you may still need to take some glasses off while using Face ID with a mask on. Although most eyeglasses work well. You will need to set up your Face ID with each pair of glasses you wear on daily basis.

Note: For these new features to work, you will need iPhone 12 or a newer model. If you have iPhone 11 or earlier models, you will not see the “Face ID with a Mask” option even after updating to iOS 15.4 developer beta.

Bonus Tip: Unlock any iPhone with Mask Without Apple Watch

If you have an older iPhone with FaceID, you can still unlock it with a mask on. There is a tip for doing so. All you need to do is delete your earlier face data and enroll it again while holding a mask that covers your face only till the tip of your nose and not any further. Once you enroll in this face, you will be able to unlock your iPhone with a mask on.

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