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How to Use Instagram Quick Reply and Other New Messaging Features

Instagram has introduced several new features in its messaging service. These new features include the ability to reply quickly without going to the inbox, checking who’s online, silent messages, and the ability to create a poll in messages. Let’s check out how these features will work and how you can use them.

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Instagram New Messaging Features

How to Use Quick Reply on Instagram Messages?

Sometimes when you receive a new message on Instagram while you’re browsing your home feed, you don’t want to go to your inbox to reply to it. Well, now this is possible and you can now reply without losing your feed progress.

Here’s how Instagram quick reply feature will work on Android and iPhone:

1. When you are scrolling on Instagram and receive a new message, you will see it at the top of your screen.

2. Tap on the message and you will see two options- Like and Reply (on Android). While on iPhone, you will have to tap on the message and swipe down, and then you can reply.

3. Tap on Reply and type your message and tap on Send.

How to See Who’s Online on Instagram?

Another new feature, inspired by Facebook Messenger, comes to Instagram. From now on, you will be able to see who’s online on Instagram. Now, when you go to your inbox, at the top of it, you can see which friends are online as there will be a green dot under their name.

How to Create a Poll on Instagram Messages?

Facebook is also bringing Messenger’s another popular feature and that is creating a poll in group chat. Soon, you will be able to create a poll in your group chat.

How to Share Music Preview in Instagram Messages?

Instagram will soon enable integration with Apple Music and Spotify so you will be able to share a 30-second preview of any song with your friends in Instagram DMs. Also, your friends will be able to listen to it directly from your chat.

As of now, these new Instagram messaging features are available only in select countries. Instagram has plans to roll out them globally. So if you don’t see all of these in your inbox, keep checking for the Instagram updates in the app stores on your phone.

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