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Are Web 3.0 Apps the Next Big Thing of Tech?

The advancement of technology has been tremendous in the last decade. From simple static websites to delivering content to today’s autonomous decentralized applications, we all grew. The internet is one of the powerful disruptors that changed the whole world. Since the dawn of the internet and web, technologists have been continuously exploring to unveil its complete potential. Now, we are here, in the Web 3.0 generation, turning the impossible into the possible. Let’s deep dive to know how web 3.0 apps must adapt to become the next big thing in technology.

What is Web 3.0?

We know that web 1.0 is a read-only web, while web 2.0 is a participative social web. Now, Web 3.0, the latest iteration, is a read, write, and executable web where the interaction and utilization of a platform can be governed without any centralized infrastructure. To be specific, decentralization is the key! This is a semantic web that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to make it an open-source, autonomous, transparent, and brilliant framework for users. The applications developed using this protocol are called Web 3.0 applications.

What Makes Web 3.0 Apps More Unique?

Social media applications, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., have become a part of daily life. It is true that these web 2.0 applications have won the minds and hearts of people by providing an interactive ecosystem. Now, we are in the next phase of the internet, where it offers users true data ownership. In recent times, we have seen some of the aforementioned giant companies have limitations in data security. Web 3.0 applications solve this issue by offering a verifiable, trustless, self-governing, permissionless, distributed, and secure technology called blockchain to make users gain true ownership over their data.

How Web 3.0 Apps Must Adapt to become Next-Gen of Tech?

UI/UX is a pivotal element for any application. It is the basic element through which one can capture the user's attention. Many developers work meticulously to provide a sleek user interface and a seamless user experience overall. So, web 3.0 apps must include a simple and attractive user interface to allow a newbie in the space to avail of the service in a matter of clicks easily. This experience will make them come back again and again to use it.

Would you believe me if I say notifications are one of the essential standards to get into the audience's minds? Yes, that’s true. The modern-day applications must be adapted with modern-day solutions. Previously, one had to sign in to the account every time and refresh the required page to get an update on the process. But nowadays, push notifications to provide all the updates and information instantly.

This is the area for web 3.0 applications to focus on. These applications must give all real-time alerts without making users open the application. It keeps them informed about the process and reminds them about it at regular intervals. This helps participants get a basic overview of the necessary information remaining at the top without refreshing the app. This is one of the primary parameters to making web 3.0 apps the next big thing in technology.

FAQs To Understand Better

Q. What is the difficulty in enabling the above-mentioned standards for web 3.0 apps?

Though it appears simple, enabling push notifications or building a sleek UI/UX for web 3.0 apps is not that easy. This is because no such cohesive or integrated framework is available on most blockchains to provide real-time alerts for users. Experts and developers seek an ideal way to include push notifications and a seamless UI/UX for web 3.0 apps.

Q. How are push notifications enabled in web 3.0 apps?

There is no in-built feature or standard developer tool available for developers to enable push notifications in web 3.0 apps directly. It works as a third-party notification application. Some of the other applications in this gen use webhooks as an alternative. To be honest, this is quite complicated. It allows users to create alerts for all the events. They have to set alerts before the event, and they can sort them accordingly.

Q. What's the latest solution to enable UX standards in web 3.0 apps easily?

Presently, new blockchain development offerings have made it easy for web 3.0 apps to meet the UX standards to become the next-gen of tech. Platforms like Tatum offer a no-code notification station feature to make developers set up push notifications in web 3.0 apps effortlessly across various networks. Also, it promises to provide the best user experience overall.

Wrapping Up

Web 3.0 apps have all the potential to become the next big thing in tech. They are gradually evolving to meet the required standards. These applications ensure decentralization, immutability, security, and transparency to provide the best experience to the users, and, as said, they give ownership over data directly to the users themselves. Trustless ecosystems are the future, and dApps are the key!

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