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5 Ways to Fix ‘Your Device isn’t Compatible with this Version’ on Android

As an Android user, you often come across certain apps on the Google Play Store that shows compatibility issues while trying to install them. Therefore, these apps can not be directly installed from the Play Store unless fixed. In this read, we have addressed the ways to fix the ‘Your Device isn’t Compatible with this Version‘ error on your Android phone.

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Reasons Behind The Issue

While there could be several unexpected reasons behind this error occurring on your Android phone, some of the notable ones are as follows:

1. The app developer has not included your Android device model in the list of compatible device models on the Google Play Store.

2. Presence of corrupted Google Play Store Cache Files.

3. Your Android smartphone is outdated and needs a software update.

4. The app is not available in your current region.

With that being said, let’s have a detailed look at the 5 effective methods to fix this issue on your Android device.

Ways to Fix Your Device isn’t Compatible with this Version on Android

Clear Google Play Store App Cache Files

The first step to fixing the installation compatibility error on the Google Play Store is to clear all the app-related cache files. Here’s how you can clear Google Play Store cache files on your Android device:

1. Open the Settings app on your Android device and tap on Apps to find Google Play Store.

2. Next, tap on the Storage and Cache option to configure it.

3. Further, press the Clear cache button to remove all the temporary cache files.

That’s it. You’ve successfully removed the Google Play Store cache files from your system. You should restart your device and try installing the app again to verify if the issue has been resolved.

Force Close Google Play Services and Relaunch

Sometimes an existing issue with the Google Play Store services might cause the ‘Your Device isn’t compatible with this version’ error on your Android device. To resolve this, you can try force closing the Google Play services manually and then relaunching it to install your desired app. Follow these steps for an easy fix.

1. Locate the Google Play Services app from the list of installed apps on your Android phone and tap on it to configure it.

2. Next, tap on the Force Stop button to close all running instances of the app on your device.

3. Further, tap on the Google Play Store app icon to relaunch the service. Check if the compatibility issue has been resolved.

Check Your Phone for New Updates

If you’re running an outdated firmware or software on your Android device, you are more likely to face the compatibility issue error during app installation on the Google Play Store. To troubleshoot this issue, you should check your phone for any newly available updates and install them to be able to install the apps from the Play Store.

Try Different App Stores to Install the App

If you believe that the ‘Your Device isn’t compatible with this version’ error is being shown to you mistakenly, you can go ahead and install the same app from other free third-party app stores such as APKPure. In addition, you can also download and install the associated APK file of the app directly from various sources on the internet.

Here’s how you can achieve the same:

1. Open a new tab in your web browser and download the APK Pure app from the official website.

2. Next, make sure that the installation from unknown app sources is turned on for your device and install the downloaded application.

3. Open the app and search for your desired app to install it easily on your Android smartphone without any compatibility issues.

Bonus Tip: Install Android Apps not Available in India

If you are situated in India and are facing the ‘This app is not available in your region‘ issue while installing apps from the Google Play Store, then you can install and use it by following some nifty tricks. Follow this detailed guide to install apps not available in India.

Final Remarks: Install Apps like a Pro

So, that’s all for the top 5 ways to fix the ‘ Your Device isn’t compatible with this Version’ error on the Google Play Store while downloading an app on your Android device. If this guide has helped you to troubleshoot and fix this issue successfully, then hit the Like button and subscribe to GadgetsToUse for more helpful troubleshooting write-ups.

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