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6 Ways to Read Telegram Messages Without Seen

Besides its immense popularity, Telegram is still missing some crucial messaging features, such as the ability to read messages without the seen checkmark, which is already available to WhatsApp and Instagram users. However, there are a few workarounds to achieve it. That said, let’s look at several methods to read Telegram messages without being seen in this explainer. Additionally, you can learn to download restricted Telegram channel videos.

Read Telegram Messages without seen

How to Read Telegram Messages Without Seen

While Telegram offers no in-built option to view messages without getting seen. We have found some easy-to-use workarounds that you can use to read messages without being seen.

Method 1- Use Airplane/Aeroplane Mode

The easiest way to read a Telegram message secretly is to view it in Airplane mode. Once you’ve inspected the message, clear it from your recent tab to avoid getting the seen checkmark. Here’s what you need to follow:

1. When you receive a new message on Telegram that you want to read silently, enable Airplane mode.

2. Next, launch Telegram and read the message.

3. After you’ve read it, close the app and remove it from Recent Tabs.

4. Finally, disable the Airplane mode and turn on your mobile data or WiFi to restore internet connectivity.

Read Telegram Messages without seen

Method 2- Read Messages from the Lock Screen/ Notification

Besides using airplane mode, Telegram allows you to turn on Message Previews in Settings, through which you can silently read new messages straight from your smartphone’s lock screen or notification panel. Follow these simple steps to achieve the same.

1. Go to the Telegram Settings from the hamburger menu from the left.

2. Select Notifications and Sounds.

3. Select the category of chat that you want this setting to apply to, e.g., Private Chats, Groups, or Channels.

4. Finally, turn on Message Preview. Now, whenever a new message arrives, you can expand and see it from either your lock screen or your notification Panel without letting anyone know about it.

Method 3- Use ‘Snoop and Look’ to Read Messages

Telegram enables its users to use this method to snoop on the most recent message without getting seen. However, it is only limited to viewing recent chats instead of the entire conversation. To use this, follow these simple steps.

1. Open the Telegram app and locate the chat you want to snoop on.

2. Now, long-press the profile picture in the chat list to see the most recent message.

3. Messages seen this way will not be marked as read.

Note: As soon as you release the long press, the message you have been reading using this method will automatically disappear. You can repeat this procedure as many times as you want to keep reading recent conversations without being seen.

Method 4- Read Telegram Messages Without Seen On Desktop

Besides smartphones, you can also use the desktop to read Telegram messages without getting seen. Here’s how:

1. Access Telegram Web on your desktop and follow the on-screen instructions to link and use your Telegram account.

2. Disable internet connectivity on your system and read the Telegram message without getting seen.

Read Telegram Messages without seen

3. Once you’ve finished reading, close the browser, clear its caches, and restore the internet connectivity.

Method 5- Read Telegram Messages Using Siri/Google Assistant

Another effective alternative to read Telegram messages covertly is to ask your smartphone’s assistant to read them. This way, you can hear the recent messages on Telegram without opening the app.

1. Trigger Google Assistant/Siri on your phone with its wake-up phrase (e.g., Okay Google, Hey Siri, etc.).

2. Ask the Assistant to ‘Read the latest message on Telegram.’

3. If you have a new message, the assistant will read it without opening the Telegram message.

Method 6- Use Third-Party Apps to Read Telegram Messages

In addition to the native Telegram app, you can try free third-party apps like the Unseen app on Android phones to view Telegram messages without the seen checkmark. However, it involves giving full access to your Telegram account, which is a big risk to your privacy. You can install and try it for free using Google Play Store.

Read Telegram Messages without seen


Q. How to Read Telegram Messages Without the Seen Tick?

There are multiple workarounds to read without the seen tick mark, like using the Airplane mode, Snoop & Look. Follow the easy tricks in this guide to read Telegram messages without getting the seen tick.

Q. Telegram Message Preview Feature Is Not Working. How Do I Fix It?

Go to the Notification and Sound settings of your Telegram app. Next, disable and re-enable the message preview feature to fix the problem.

Q. How to Enable the Notification Message Feature on Telegram?

You can manage all notifications for incoming messages by navigating to Settings> Notifications and Sounds> Chats inside the Telegram app.

Q. How to Hide Telegram Message Content in the Notification Bar?

You need to turn off the Message Preview feature inside the app. For more details, refer to the steps above.

Q. Can You Read a Telegram Message Without Them Knowing?

Yes, you can use tips like Airplane Mode or Snoop & Look. Follow the above-listed methods to read a Telegram message without them knowing about it.

Q. How Can I Hide Double-Tick in Telegram?

Unfortunately, there’s no dedicated option to turn off double-tick for chats in Telegram.

Q. How to Turn On Ghost Mode in Telegram?

Open your Telegram app settings and switch the Privacy to Nobody to enable the ghost mode.

Wrapping Up

We hope this guide has assisted you in reading Telegram messages covertly on your smartphone or desktop. If you find it useful, spread the word with your friends, and check the below links for more valuable explainers. Stay tuned and subscribe to GadgetsToUse for more such reads.

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