You are planning a big party for a friend’s 40th birthday and have decided to make a memory book with photos covering your friend’s entire 40 years of life as a gift. You’ve spent hours contacting your friend’s family, childhood friends, and even old coaches and teachers and had them email pictures of your friend to use in the memory book.

You start to edit and download the photos in order to print them out and suddenly you hit the wrong button and all of those photos are gone. You don’t have time to try collect those old photos again so what can you do?

You can get the data recovery software free known as EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard and recover those lost photos quickly and effectively.

EaseUS Data Recovery Free Wizard is a free data recovery software program that you can download to your computer and use to cover various types of data including:

  • Lost files
  • Lost documents
  • Lost pictures
  • Lost Audio
  • Lost Videos
  • And More

This data recovery tool can recover data from your PC, laptop, USB, SSD, memory cards, or digital camera.

How to Use EaseUS Data Recovery Free Wizard

Using this file recovery software program is extremely easy if you follow these few simple steps:

  • Download and launch EaseUS Data Recovery Free Wizard
  • Select the location where you lost the data from
  • Select either a quick scan or deep scan
  • Wait until the wizard has scanned and downloaded all lost files
  • Preview the files and select the file or files you want to recover and download those files to your computer’s hard drive.

Once you have recovered your files you can go ahead and edit and print your pictures.

What is the Difference Between Quick and Deep Scan Modes

While both the quick and deep scan modes of this free data recovery software will recover lost data there is a big difference between the two modes. The quick scan mode uses an algorithm for fast results. The deep scan mode, takes longer but scans the storage device sector by sector to ensure that the right file is recovered.

Do I Need to Preview the Recovered Data?

You may be wondering why you should preview the recovered data and the answer is simple. This recovery software will recover all deleted and lost files even ones you have deleted intentionally. By previewing the recovered data you can select and download only those files you really want to recover.

Should you want to upgrade this data recovery program you can actually purchase one of their paid software packages that allows you to recover larger data files. With the free Wizard, you get to recover 2GB of data while the free packages allows you to recover unlimited amounts of data. For mac data recovery, EaseUS can also helps as there is a Mac version.


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