While we are all very excited for the iPhone X to start shipping, it is a perfect opportunity to head to GreenBuyback and sell your old phone in order to pay for the new one! However, before you sell your current phone on GreenBuyback and switch to a new one, there are certain steps you must take to ensure everything is off one phone and ready for another. Check out this handy checklist of 5 things to do before selling your phone on GreenBuyback. Selling a phone on GreenBuyback is so easy, and once GreenBuyback has your phone, you will get cash quick to buy a new one!

1. Back Up Data and Settings

The first step you’ll want to take is to backup your current phone. If you’re an iPhone user and need a refresher, you’ll want to connect your iPhone to your computer via cord and use iTunes to back your phone up. Android users can navigate to the Settings menu and straight to “Backup My Data.”

2. Backup Photos and Videos

Secondly, you’ll want to do a separate backup of your videos and photos; make sure your memory media is synced to Google Drive, iCloud, Dropbox or one of the many other options for photos and video storage. Allow a full transfer and make sure it is up to date before heading to step three.

3. Disable Accounts

iPhone users will want to deactivate Facetime, iCloud, iMessage and Apple ID, all of which are accessible in the “Settings” Menu. Android users will go to the “Settings” menu, “Account and Sync” and then “Google” and sign out of their Google account.

4. Wipe that Device [Encryption!]

Android users can head to the “Settings” Menu and then “Security” to encrypt their data, if you’ll be passing off your SD card make sure to encrypt this as well. This is a very, very important step for Android users as data security scientists have shown that even a complete wipe of Android phones leaves traces of data on the phone, and no one wants that! GreenBuyback wipes all devices once they reach the facility as well, but it’s safest for all parties involved that you wipe your phone and send it off without any of your personal or private data.

5. Factory Reset

Now that everything is backed up off the device, and deleted on the actual device, it is time to do a factory reset! Android users will go the “Settings” menu, “Backup and Reset,” and then “Factory Data Reset” and then “Reset.” iPhone users will go to “Settings,” “General,” “Reset” and finally, “Erase all content and settings.”

And, as an added gesture, you’ll want to wipe down your phone with alcohol wipes and head over to GreenBuyback.com to sell and send in your phone. Selling a phone is so easy with GreenBuyback! Simply head to the website, pick which phone you’re sending in, receive a quote, use the free UPS shipping label, send it in and get your money! We know you will use that money well on your new phone. And, when that phone is ready to be sold? Head to GreenBuyback once again, it really couldn’t be easier.


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