Today we will be reviewing a game that’s very special and popular titled Happy Wheels. This review will let you know why it’s so special, but before that let me give you a bit of information about the game:

You can also play happy wheels online on your own browser and it’s free!

How To Play?

Why do I say that this is a special game? Because although this game is very bloody, once you start playing you’ll become addicted. First, let me talk a bit about how to play the game: You’ll be given a select number of characters to play as and your objective is to traverse the treacherous terrains and safely reach the end. Each of these characters controls a different vehicle like a bicycle, a wheelchair, a Segway…

The treacherous terrain in a Happy Wheels level that you’ll have to overcome in order to safely reach the end.

In the game, there are 4 digital buttons which you use to control your character, 2 for moving forward and backward, 2 for jumping forward and backward.


  • My first impression about this game was that it was too hard right from the first stretches of road unlike other games where players deal with gradually increasing difficulty. Think about it, you just started the level, went a few meters and suddenly you fell down a pit broken into many pieces or have a bomb blow you to bits scattered everywhere… but it doesn’t make you feel frustrated at all as when you know that there is a trap or treacherous terrain there, you would have already been prepared and found a way to get pass it.
The slopes like this one at the beginning of the game can cause you to fall over and snap your neck immediately.
  • The terrain was already treacherous, movement in this game isn’t easy at all. When you run, your momentum will increase and when you go downhill, it gets even faster making it so that you can easily trip and fall when hit with even the smallest obstruction in front of you. You can slow down to carefully get across, though sometimes the terrain will require you to go really fast in order to get over the pits. I can still remember clearly the first time I played Happy Wheels it took me more than a dozen attempts just to get pass a medium size hole.
How do you get pass these stretches of road?
  • It would be a shortcoming if I overlook the unique feature that makes the game bloody, which is that if you still have enough parts to your head and body to control your vehicle then you can still continue playing. I find it interesting that sometimes you can’t avoid some obstacles causing your legs to be broken or even break apart, bloodied and yet you can still continue with the game.
  • I should let you know that in this game, the 2 buttons to jump forward and backward are extremely important as the character’s movement will change and affect quite a bit with keeping the balance which is honestly a positive for the game. It may look simple but using it properly in every individual situation is anything but easy.
  • The final point about the game that I want to talk to you about is the game’s diverse but reasonable trap system. Some roads will be filled with traps but that doesn’t mean the level is unbeatable. There will always be ways to get past them but you’ll be required to move carefully, quickly and have accurate timing. To be able to get that far though, you’ll most likely have to lose over a dozen lives lol.
The traps always appear unexpectedly.


In general, this is not a game for young demographic (the game itself is already rated 17+). However, for those who love violence and blood then you’ll definitely like this game. Think about it, trying your best to get past the obstacles, messed up just a bit and instantly your bone and flesh breaks, blood oozing from it, at best your limbs will still break apart, leaving you with a body that’s not even intact anymore. It’s so bloody yet it’s also quite addictive.

In my opinion, while the game is quite violent, the simple graphics give you a soothing and relaxing feeling making it so you won’t have a headache playing it for long periods of time. I had competed with my brother to see who can clear through the third level of the game, and would you believe it, both of us died hundreds of times and still haven’t able to beat it. Experience the game for yourself and see whether or not it’s actually good.


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