5G, which stands for fifth generation of mobile networks, is the latest technology from the telecom sector which is set to start rolling out in late 2018 in some places. With the vast majority of people’s mobile data now running on 4G, there’s set to be a complete transformation when 5G drops, especially where speed is concerned. There’s already talk that 5G could be as much as 100 times faster than its predecessor which would be game changing.

It’s the increase in speed which is going to have the biggest effect on both industries and people. What 5G will also have is lower latency, which means that users won’t notice or feel any sort of lag or delay when they’re using their smartphone online for example. It’s this combination that will improve services such as online mobile gaming, and mobile bingo operator mFortune and other popular brands are already anticipating huge benefits all round. Furthermore, 5G will also play an important role in new technologies such as self-driving vehicles, potentially being the difference between life and death due to the removal of any lag.

5G will also be able to handle a lot more going on too due to it having greater capacity. This means the network will be able to cope with a higher demand where multiple applications are being run simultaneously. Users will be able to play online games while they also listen to music via a streaming service and download a film and not experience any sort of lag, with their connection remaining fast and stable throughout.

We’re now seeing a growing trend where Internet of Things devices are concerned. For example, lights can be connected to smartphones and therefore controlled. 5G has the ability to see even more devices become ‘smart’ due to its speed and capacity, with phones, fridges, lights, televisions, sound systems and more all being able to link together over the internet.

5G will be critical in other industries too, where its speed and stability could literally be the difference between life and death. We’ve recently seen self-driving cars being trialled around the world, but any sort of lag or delay could result in an accident occurring due to the dropped connection. The use of 5G will prevent any delays occurring and this will be crucial in other areas too, such as remote surgery where doctors in other parts of the world are in control of robots carrying out medical procedures on patients.

There’s no doubting that 5G could literally change the world as we know it. It has the ability to have a huge impact on the majority of industries for the better and consumers will also enjoy an even better experience when they’re gaming on their smartphone for example. There’s also huge savings to be made too in various sectors. It’s estimated that the NHS could see over 1.1 million GP hours freed up due to wider use of remote health services, while councils could save £2.8 billion per year through the use of technologies such as intelligent lighting.


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