How will 5G transform our lives

5G is expected to land in 2020 and will transform every day life and the technologies we use. 5G will be a hundred times faster than 4G, which will make data transfers feel instantaneous. Low to no latency means that response times will be quicker than we have ever known, with apps delivered to us in no time and lagging will be eliminated altogether. Everything will be connected, from our homes to our cars. Therefore, we can all imagine the most obvious impact, which is being able to browse, download, play games whether it maybe on social media platforms like Facebook or at an online casino such as Unibet; effortlessly and at super fast speeds. But the real question is, how will 5G transform other aspects of our lives?

Enhanced Learning

The way that we learn and teach will be transformed. 5G means more students will be online and will have access to unlimited information with no latency. Learning will become personalised and on demand. Virtual and Augmented Reality technology can be combined with Tactile Internet and students will be able to learn remotely with minimal interaction from teachers. VR will be able to take students back in time and experience history like never before, by virtually exploring cities and famous historical locations. It can also be used in other subjects, such as biology to explore inside the human body. This has been predicted for a long time as a possibly, and 5G can make this a reality.

Remote Robotic Surgery

With 5G, there is a real chance to revolutionise healthcare and provide it to those in poor areas who haven’t been able to access it previously. Surgeons will be able to perform surgery when they are hundreds of miles away. This technology has been in the pipeline for a number of years, however it was previously a huge risk due to connectivity problems with 3 and 4G. Due to how stable 5G will be, there are no risks of down time or glitches during surgery.

Autonomous Driving

Many industry experts are predicting that 5G is the “oxygen” needed for self-driving cars. One hundred times faster than 4G, 5G will be able to compute in real time and connect with cars, people and buildings in a way that it is impossible for 4G to do so. This means we could see self-driving cars that are much safer and smarter than what we see now. This will require the creation of better technology that avoids the problems we’ve had with self-driving cars so far, but 5G helps facilitate that with its possibilities.

Shopping Online

Virtual Reality will enable retailers to personalise the experience for customers. They won’t need to have retail space. They will be able to have technology whereby customers can have a virtual assistant and virtually try on different clothes. This will mean that consumers can experience the best brands in their own home by having them projected onto their bodies, making it easy to make a decision if you want to buy the item or not, which was always a difficulty with traditional online shopping. This will make online shopping much more exciting and interactive.


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